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Resolve® pet formula high traffic carpet cleaner foam is designed with you in mind.
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Make sure your carpets look good as new for spring with Resolve! Get $3.50 in savings on Resolve Carpet Cleaner Machine Solution 60oz, Resolve Carpet Stain Remover or High Traffic Foam, and Resolve Carpet Pet Stain Remover or Pet High Traffic Foam with Printable Coupons! Print your coupons and check in-store for more savings opportunities!
Get information and read reviews of Resolve carpet cleaner and Resolve carpet stain remover.
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During our research, we found that one customer was able to clean a 200 square foot area of carpet with just a 22 oz. can of Resolve High Traffic Carpet Cleaner Foam, which means you can get a lot of bang for your buck! Resolve has lots of different formulations of carpet cleaners and stain removers.
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I use Resolve for my pet stains. It really gets out the stain, you wont see anything on the carpet.

However, the smell from the pet accidents will always stay.

I can always smell the even after a vigorous cleaning.

To sum it up -- Resolve carpet stain remover for pets gets out the stain but not the smell!

Thanks for your review. It is always good to know how to get out , but with these types of stains odor removal is also quite important.

Has anyone else used Resolve for removing pet stains in their carpet? Have they had good or bad results? What about odors?

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In addition, you can , or read other reviews that have already been submitted.

Depending on the size of the product or the type of applicator attached to it, the price for Resolve Carpet Cleaner ranges from $3.94 to $17.97.Resolve Carpet Cleaner is an at-home cleaner that comes in many different containers, in many different shapes and sizes. The Resolve Carpet Cleaner products include Resolve Pet Stains & Odor Carpet Cleaner (22 oz.), Resolve Large Area Carpet Cleaner Powder (18 oz.), Resolve Pet Deep Clean Powder Carpet Cleaner (18 oz.), Resolve High Traffic Foam Large Area Carpet Cleaner (22 oz.), Resolve Steam Clean & Fresh Carpet Cleaner (60 fl. Oz.) and Resolve Easy Clean Carpet Cleaning System (1 ct.).However, after doing a little research, we’ve noticed that there’s some variation in customer satisfaction. Below are the lists of pros and cons users found with Resolve Carpet Cleaner, along with a brief analysis of the causes of these variations.Apply the carpet cleaning solution (either by spraying it, distributing powder or just pouring it on), let it sit for approximately five minutes, and either wipe or vacuum the stain away. For a lot of Resolve customers, it’s that simple!Any Resolve product can extract food messes (even tricky ones, like Ketchup stains), drink spills and urine or fecal matter from pet accidents. One reviewer reported that Resolve Carpet Cleaner Moist Powder even cleaned an old rusty water stain out of their carpet!