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Road Hound used to make pet carriers for motorcycles before they went out of business. You can usually find used Road Hound pet carriers on ebay but the main problem would be attaching it to the Buddy.
4. Closed carriers - range from milk crate to pet carrier to Road Hound (now out of production). This seems to fit my bill. But still, is it safe?
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Moto-Pets Accessories, Inc, home of the Road Hound motorcycle pet ...Moto-Pets Accessories, Inc offers the Road Hound Motorcycle Pet Carrier. Designed to complement the discriminating style of motorcycle and dog owners. I’m sorry, I think I misheard about Road hound motorcycle pet carrier I’m confused, please help me discuss about it.
Photo provided by FlickrI have a road hound motorcycle pet carrier with a quick release system for sale. It holds up to 30 me if you are interested @  Thanks
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I'm having a heck of a time trying to find out what happened to the company making Road Hound pet carriers. I think they went out of business and would like to have someone who wants to get rid of theirs contact me. Have any of you seen something like it out there that you are happy with? My pooch is about 26 lbs and I've seen some really good ideas out there but have not seen anything as good as the RH. Thanks ka! That's the Road Hound Pet Carrier, which I was trying to find when I first got Snowball. No luck whatsoever as I, too, found that it was no longer manufactured. I love it on the Vespa!!!! I'm still considering an Ural as I've added a Cocker Spaniel to my household LOL

going for lunch with my sons and hubby harry for mothers day birthday combined

filmed june 4 2013

bettys restaurant on solomon road, niagara falls, fort erie ontario canada

food was AWESOME! the steak on the bun, was soooo good!

harry gets upset when i say im giving daisy to jeff (my son) as an inheritance (as a joke) and he don't like it! lol (he knows i'm kidding but it still IRKS him)

early birthday cards.. tim's is aug 4th, jeff is june 22, mine is june 20th, and mothers day may ? 2013.

we celebrated everything today filmed june 4 2013 :)

im interviewing and bugging daisy telling her she needs a haircut (she got one june 6th)
and she slaps me in the face with her paw and hits the camera

hilarious! i was laughing my ass off! :)

I put the camera down after yelling at her for swatting it and give her a lovey dovey "your my little teddy bear" kiss and hug. ;)

(she gets a hair cut on june 6th) filmed this june 4, 2013 with my sons tim tenbrinke and jeff tenbrinke and my hubby harry there...

tim tenbrinke, jeff tenbrinke my sons want to know how daisy's outward hound back pack carrier works.
so tim asks us how to do this and that and we show him how we do it and explain what it's for. (it's our first time seeing this contraption too this year, we found it at home sense at the pen center in st catharines, it was the last one, no one seems to carry them in the pet stores.. people have been asking!)

harry and i have a struggle getting Daisy to go into the bag, then we add the safety clip to her harness and leash and harry straps himself in with the safety harness that is attached to the dog carrier.

*warning don't go out alone with your dog, or be ready to GET off your bike!
daisy got out of this thing when another dog came towards us.. she was being protective lol*

thank god for the safety harness she hung there mid air until i got there to put her back in.

easiest way is to hold the two feet together as you make the dog sit down in the bag, bend her arms at the elbow gently so you dont' cause any pain or discomfort to them...

we always take her in the backpack to a park then let her get out and run around leash free, so now she associates it with FREEDOM LOL

you can see the other videos here about this pet carrier on a bike

here she is riding on harrys back while cycling on our way to a park.

This was called "Road Hound" pet carrier for motorcycles. It looks to attach to a rear shelf where a trunk might attach. I didn't research it more that that...I can not say that I truly like the concept of taking your dog with you on a motorcycle but I feel if you did then you ought to possibly do so in a Moto-Pets Accessories Inc Road Hound pet carrier. Do I have to purchase a cat crate or cat carrier that has been authorized by the airlines will my cats airline carrier or crate match under the seat in front of me if I ship my cat as cargo, will the transport crate meet the approved dimensions will my cat be permitted out of its airline carrier throughout the trip and what will the temperature be along the route.