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Can also be obtain in  Sack of Pet Supplies for the first quests you get from the pet trainer.
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Taking another tack, I noted that the Torn Sack of Pet Supplies has a flavor text specific to Crysa, and did a search for the same type of item (consumable, newly added, uncommon quality). There are currently no other items on Wowhead that suggest other tamers are around. This isn't definitive, though.
You can also get it trew the daily quest, that you get Sack of Pet Supplies
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The buff causes hearts to appear over its head but will be terminated early if the pet is dismissed for any reason. They can be purchased from Breanni in Dalaran, or found in Sack of Pet Supplies, a reward given for beating npcs in the new pet battle system. So where will the Leprous Sack of Pet Supplies come from? WarcraftPets user  discovered that this bag is rewarded from a !
Photo provided by FlickrHow do I know this? I stored up my sacks of pet supplies until today, when 5.1 hit and I gleefully opened exactly 50 of them.
Photo provided by FlickrApr 21, 2017 - Sack of Pet Supplies; Binds when picked up; <Right Click to Open>; Requires ..
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So what do I get for participating in Pet Battles? You mean other than a good time and some really awesome pets? Well, there are many things you can earn by doing pet battles. As said earlier, you can earn various sacks of pet supplies, various battle-stones to help you with your pets, experience for your toon (if you’re under level 90) plus experience for your pets, and even some Lesser Charms of Good Fortune, which are used to make Warforged Seals for the Siege of Orgrimmar raid.There are two parts of the quest chain for each continent. The first part involves defeating numerous Master Pet Tamers, and the second requires you to triumph over the Grand Master Tamer. After you've bested the Grand Master Tamer, dailies from each Tamer will unlock for that continent. All the dailies continue to reward experience for your companions, however only the Grand Master daily quest will reward the Sack of Pet Supplies.This pet has a chance to drop from a Sack of Pet Supplies which is the reward for completing a Pet Tamer quest or daily quest. The sack can also drop Battle Pet Bandages as well as other vanity items.