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Nov 21, 2016 - SACRAMENTO -- Sacramento's Front Street Animal Shelter has adopted out ..
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Sacramento County is setting up a pet adoption center in Fair Oaks intended to increase the odds of finding new homes for dogs and cats waiting at the busy animal shelter on Bradshaw Road.
Sacramento’s Front Street shelter adopted out 1,097 animals from Nov. 16 through Friday, said Gina Knepp, shelter director.
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A British Columbia, Canada, family drove 16 hours to Sacramento to adopt a dog after hearing of overcrowding at the Front Street Animal Shelter. Sacramento County’s Bradshaw Animal Shelter is offering a special $25 adoption fee for any animal in its care during the Memorial Day weekend.
Photo provided by FlickrKim Pacini is paying the $20 fee at the Front Street Animal Shelter in Sacramento, California, for every animal adopted in December.
Photo provided by FlickrA sharp discount on doggie adoptions had dogs flying out the doors of the Sacramento County animal shelter Thursday.
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Even more remarkable is that this holiday generosity has traveled beyond the Sacramento facility. Knepp said Front Street started doing such a brisk adoption business that it was in a position to import animals from six other Northern California shelters and find homes for them, too.It’s expensive to get a pet. Adoption fees, vaccinations, spaying/neutering costs, and microchips add up—so to encourage more people to adopt rescue cats and dogs, that a Sacramento woman has offered to foot the bill for every animal adoption at a local shelter through December 31. You might see a cat or kitten for sale at a Sacramento pet store and assume that buying a cat is the only option. Or you might, as many people do, believe that a cat for sale from a store or a breeder in Sacramento is somehow “better” than one you might find for adoption in a Sacramento animal shelter. This is a common misconception, and it couldn’t be further from the truth. The cats and kittens available for adoption at your local shelters and rescue groups are wonderful, sweet, healthy companions who are homeless through no fault of their own. Many times, animals end up in shelters simply because their former owner encountered a financial hardship and could no longer afford to care for them, or perhaps even lost their own home. Whatever the reason, most cats and kittens in shelters are great former pets who have lived in homes, and are often already litterbox trained.Live in the Sacramento area, and have an interest in adopting a furry companion of your own? Visit the Front Street Animal Shelter’s or for more information. (Keep in mind that adoption fees are waived, but you will still need to pay for your new pet to get fixed and vaccinated, among other costs.)Relator/animal lover Kim Pacini-Hauch adopted a terrier named Teddy from Sacramento’s Front Street Animal Shelter in 1984. Now, she wants others to follow her lead. According to the shelter, they are nearly at capacity, and an uptick in adoptions will help them make room to take in more pets. Pacini-Hauch hopes that paying the $85 adoption fee for dogs, and $65 for cats, will speed up the process.Petco and other pet supply retailers are partnering with local shelters and rescue groups around the country to increase adoptions of dogs and cats, said Jennifer Fearing, a Sacramento advocate for the Humane Society of the United States. Many such retailers host “adopt and shop” events that bring pet lovers and shelter animals together.