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The Sonoma Humane Society is a no-kill shelter with two locations in Sonoma County; our primary Center for Animals is located at 5345 Hwy 12 West in Santa Rosa. In addition, our is located at 555 Westside Road at Bacchus Landing Way in Healdsburg.
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Santa Rosa artist Al Longo has a number of feral cats living on his property in southwest Santa Rosa. On Friday, Longo welcomed one of the cats back to his home after he got the animal spayed at the county shelter. at the Sonoma County Animal Shelter located off Airport Boulevard in northwest Santa Rosa.
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Photo provided by FlickrYou may purchase a cat license in person at our shelter: Sonoma County Animal Services 1247 Century Court Santa Rosa, CA 95403.
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A. The Healdsburg Center for Animals will provide supportive veterinary care for the homeless animals housed at the Center. This means treating for routine medical issues that do not require surgery or emergency care. Animals with severe/complex medical conditions will be transported to the Sonoma Humane Society's shelter hospital in Santa Rosa for care.Alison Lane, our Foster Program Manager at our Santa Rosa shelter over the past year, has been promoted to Healdsburg Center Manager. When we open our doors this Spring, Alison will be helping to guide our operation in North County, providing direction and support for our staff and volunteers. Along with her compassion for animals and easy-going nature, Alison brings a wealth of knowledge from her 15 years with the San Francisco SPCA. We're thrilled!A. The doors are open! Our regular hours are Monday through Saturday from 9am – 5:30pm. In December 2014, the Healdsburg Animal Shelter property at 14242 Bacchus Landing was transferred to the Sonoma Humane Society. Since taking ownership of the building SHS's Board of Directors, staff and construction team have been developing a plan to bring life back into the unfinished animal shelter. Our challenge: to create a safe and healthy environment for our shelter animals, in a fiscally responsible way. Like many of our sick and injured animals, the road to rehabilitation for the Healdsburg Center will be approached with the animals' quality of life in mind. As part of the process, our team reviewed the community’s concerns regarding the original shelter design and has worked to thoughtfully address the needs and ideas that were brought to our attention. Together, we aim to create a “state-of-the-heart” animal shelter. One of the first priorities is to create separate intake and isolation areas to ensure that healthy animals remain healthy throughout their stay. Our behavior and training experts also felt a large room that was originally constructed to house dogs in traditional kennels, could better serve as a large training and group play room. Instead, Healdsburg dogs awaiting adoption will be sheltered in room-like settings similar to those in our Santa Rosa facility. Other plans include adding outdoor fencing, so dogs and cats have safe indoor/outdoor access. We look forward to engaging the community, hosting animal related events at the center.In California, in addition to the Santa Rosa shelter off Butler Avenue, the organization has a bilingual mobile clinic called the Esperanza Truck, which offers free vaccinations, spaying, neutering and other services. On Sunday, Camblor will take a short drive in the Esperanza Truck from Muttopia to Roseland where she expects to serve the pets of more than 100 people.