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Decades after the toy-pet hybrid first hit shelves, Amazing Live Sea-Monkeys is making headlines again—this time thanks to a "David and Goliath" trademark lawsuit between onetime Sea-Monkeys heir Yolanda Signorelli von Braunhut and Big Time Toys, which claims to have full ownership of the empire. According to , the lawsuit, as described by Signorellia von Braunhut's attorney, is "practically a newsreel melodrama." Before diving in to the legal drama, brush up on your Sea-Monkeys history: Here are a few things you might not have known about one of your favorite childhood pets.
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The name Sea Monkeys is only 50% correct. They’re not actually monkeys; they’re brine shrimp that live in salt water (Artemia salina for those of you with a passion for taxonomy). They comprise most of the zooplankton that other sea dwellers feast upon and the toy industry certainly had no use for them. That changed when Harold von Braunhut (excellent mad scientist name) who had already invented that other kid sensation, X-Ray Spex, developed a simple kit for raising the brine shrimp as pets. Aspiring little marine biologists rejoiced.Includes: bath toys, boats, water-blasters, sea-pets, aquatic-themed items (e.g., mermaid and other sea animal plush, room décor, games, crafts, etc.), educational activities that teach about aquatic life, and more.Moose Toys' Little Live Pets were coming to life at Toy Fair 2016 as these new toys were cool. The amazing Snuggles - realistic interactive puppy was amazing and sure to be a big hit in 2016. Little Live Pets Tweet talking birds have some new additions and a new bird cage that is really cool. Adding to the Little Live Pets line are Lil' Turtles, Lil' Frogs and Lil' Mice / Mouse complete with a very cool track, mouse house and trail. Why get a real pet when these Little Live Pets by Moose Toys are just about as real and much easier to care for!

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Under the sea: Toys that are aquatic-themed and/or involve water play are gaining traction in several categories, including dolls, games, collectibles and outdoor toys. Some are educational and teach kids about underwater life, while others are entertainment-focused. These toys include bath toys, boats, water-blasters, sea-pets, aquatic-themed items (i.e. mermaid and other sea animal plush, room decor, games, crafts) and educational activities that teach about aquatic life.