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Patrol the beach with a ranger in search of sea turtle activity. We will be looking for sea turtle crawls (their footprints) to see if we have any new nests on our beach. Sea turtle activity is not guaranteed; however, you will enjoy a nice stroll on the beach, observe the sunrise, pick up litter, and fill in holes to help sea turtles! No pets. For ages 5 to 105!
The Wonder Pets head to Japan to help a lost sea turtle that is looking for any water to swim in.
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Even though sea turtle centers provide a close look at the engaging wild reptiles, Norton urges people to think twice about turtles as pets. “We hear anecdotes about people finding a turtle in their backyard and taking it in to care for it,” the veterinarian says. “Removing a species from its natural habitat can be detrimental. They have specific needs to maintain their health.” Sea turtle , turtle , my home pet , Pond slider , home turtle , tortoise , pets
Photo provided by FlickrSea turtle , turtle , my home pet , Pond slider , home turtle , tortoise , pets.
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With support from the National Park Ecotourism Program, The Leatherback Trust helped Las Baulas National Park to create a series of informative signs for placement at the Playa Grande and Playa Ventanas nesting beaches. This signage informs visitors that dogs or other pets are not allowed inside the protected area and describes Las Baulas National Park regulations. Park regulations apply year round, because solitary nesting turtles are known to use the beaches within Las Baulas National Park even outside of the designated nesting season.For those with dogs or any other pets as friends or part of your family, it is important to respect parks and other spaces that are intended for the conservation of wildlife. Keeping pets secured within the home rather than roaming the neighborhood will help local wildlife. When taking your pet out for a walk, have a good time in places appropriate for them, but plan to leave pets at home when you visit Las Baulas National Park. If you visit another nesting beach that is not within a protected area, remain aware of your dog’s activities. Watch out for any digging and make sure your pet does not try to “play with” hatchlings or other wildlife. By working together in these ways, we can all save sea turtles.Many turtles are called green turtles. Officially, only sea turtles have the name "green turtle" or "green sea turtle." These massive turtles are endangered and are not kept as pets. Freshwater turtles, however, like red-eared sliders, painted, yellow-belly sliders and cooter turtles are commonly called green turtles, even though that is not their official name. These kinds of turtles are kept as pets and are widely available at pet stores and aquariums.The Reeve’s turtle is native to Japan, China, Korea, and Taiwan. They are distinguished by their rectangle shells rather than circular. You have to check their shell often as this type of turtle is susceptible to many shell diseases. They grow to about 5 inches long. A similar breed to the Reeve’s turtle is the Chinese pond turtle which make great pets and stay about the same size too.