Valley Vet Supply Tomlyn See Spot Go Pet Stain & Odor Remover 14-oz

Tomlyn See Spot Go is a spray to remove pet stains and odors
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The best carpet cleaner products for pets should not only simplify clean-ups, but also work to discourage pups from returning to the same area of your home when they need to go. Because pups are often prompted to relieve themselves in the same spot by the scent of their own urine, you’ll want to pick up a pet carpet cleaner that not only gets rid of those tough-to-remove stains, but works to wipe out all traces of the odor as well. Many dog and cat parents agree that by removing all traces of odor and stains, the best carpet cleaner for pets makes it easier to teach them to seek an appropriate place to take care of business.
removerI have tried many pet stain products and none compare to See Spot Go.
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I used See Spot Go for 20 years. It was THE product ever. The product "Equalizer" that was to replace See Spot Go doesn't even come close. It almost takes away the odor but doesn't even start to remove the stain. I own a dog groom shop and have tried to remove urine, fecal, and vomit from the carpeting and it DOES NOT WORK. I even tried it in my house and it doesn't work there either. Tomlyn See Spot Go Pet Stain & Odor Remover 14-oz.
Photo provided by FlickrSee Spot Go Pet Odor And Stain Remover.
Photo provided by FlickrStain & Odor Remover For Dogs & Cats Veterinarian recommended for stains and odors cause by house breaking and accident prone pets. See Spot Go!
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Tomlyn See Spot Go is a spray to remove pet stains and odors. Nothing works faster or is easier to use. Just test an inconspicuous portion of the area to be treated to assure that the material is colorfast, point the can toward the stain and spray away the problem instantly. Veterinary recommended spray for stains and odors on carpet, furniture, clothing, auto interiors, etc. It sprays away spots and odor, including fresh blood, vomit, urine, and fecal stains, with no scrubbing or…I am stressed out about about my carpet, dog urine is becoming a NIGHTMARE. I take my 1 1/2 yr old dog out at least 5 times a day, she doesn't have accidents during day, overnight is the problem, I know how to fix her from urinating, she now sleeps in her crate but my problem I just can't seem to figure out is how to remove old stains & odor from carpet??? I have tried shout urine destroyer solution, baking soda, vintages/water mixture, bissell pet urine/odor cleaning solution, I always made sure to blot the urine spot w/ paper towels to remove most of the wetness, added the solution after soaking up but NOTHING I've tried works, I bought a Hoover carpet cleaner in hopes it would do the job but just seems like the urine smell had gotten stronger. I feel hopeless, i live in apartment & it's stressing me out even more because I don't want to lose my security deposit, so I'm DESPERATE for any advice.