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The Sheep Pet is one of the most basic kinds of pets that could be easily found and crafted.
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My husband and I really love this place. We stayed two days and one night in Killarney while touring Ireland for our honeymoon, and went to Kennedy's Pet Farm both of the days. I love the sheep! And the little lambs are adorable (they are shy, but I eventually was able to win the trust of one and hold him....
There are some facts about sheep that can provide some suggestion to keep as pet.
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"Counting Bodies Like Sheep to the Rhythm of the War Drums" is a by the American band , off of their third studio album . While the album primarily consists of , the track, along with the song "", were the only two original recordings. Containing many lyrical similarities with the track "Pet", from the previous album, , lead singer and lyricist described the track as a continuation of the song. While the former refers to , "Counting Bodies" focuses on political agendas. Mixed by , the music is completely electronic and without any guitars.[] The song was used in numerous trailers and TV spots for movies, TV shows and video games including , , , , and in addition to the promo for PPV. Remember, at Sheep Draw Veterinary Hospital, your pets are our family!
Photo provided by FlickrThis mod was requested by Moonkitty6 who wanted a pink pet sheep as a companion.
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Pet sheep
Increasingly, sheep and other farm livestock are being kept as pets or companions. They can make good pets because they are a gentle animal and respond well to human contact.

Especially for children
Lambs make great projects for children. They are suitable for children with most disabilities. Taking care of a sheep teaches children responsibility and respect for animals.

As 4-H projects
Sheep are popular 4-H projects for children. 4-H is one the largest youth organization in the United States. It is open to any boy or girl between the ages of 8 and 18. To learn about 4-H, contact your local county extension office. Their phone number is listed in the blue pages of your phone book. Most county offices have web pages. 4-H is part of the land grant university system.A couple in St. Petersburg, Florida is vowing to battle in order to keep their pets.

While many of us like to have atypical pets, it's not always easy.

A couple in St. Petersburg, Florida is vowing to battle in order to keep their pets. Winston Fiore along with his girlfriend, Rachel have two small animals named Gabby and Shelby.

Classified as a dwarf goat and mini sheep, they are compact in size and quiet. Even the neighbors don't have an issue with them.

However an ordinance is proving to be a problem. The couple received a notice on November 4th of this year alerting them that keeping the animals was a violation against city code.

Fiore not only loves his pets, but is also interested in urban farming. He is fighting the code in the hope that council members will make an exception for Gabby and Shelby. Fiore stated "They're just cute and don't make any noise. You don't want people having herds in their backyards, which I understand, but to have two tiny pets like this, I think it's pretty innocent."

The notice gave the couple until the end of December. However the city council will be meeting on December 12th to talk about a potential ordinance change.Sheep also make excellent FFA projects. FFA (Future Farmers of America) is a youth organization that prepares future generations for the challenges of farming.

Bottle babies
Lambs raised on a bottle make the best pets because they naturally trust people and are not afraid to be near people. When you bottle feed a lamb, it bonds to you and thinks you are its mother.

The best pets
Any breed of sheep can be kept as a pet. There are a few miniature breeds. Pet sheep should should be females (ewes) or neutered males (wethers). They should not have horns. Hair sheep are a good choice because they will not require shearing. As sheep are a social animal, you should get at least two, preferably a small flock (5-6).

Basic sheep care
Pet sheep have most of the same basic needs as sheep being raised for meat or wool. They need shelter and protection from predators. They need proper nutrition and health care. They need their hooves trimmed. Wooled sheep need to be sheared annually in a timely fashion, preferably by a trained professional

Sheep also have a strong flocking instinct. It’s more prevalent in some breeds than others but it’s always there. Researchers find that most sheep are continually stressed unless kept in a flock of at least three sheep, so keeping a single pet sheep is rarely an option.