Orthopedic Pet Beds with Faux-Sheepskin and Suede ..

Show your fur baby how much you love them with plush sheepskin pet beds
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Sheepskin Pet Rugs & Sheepskin Pet Beds for Dogs/Cats
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The perfect addition to any house with a pet. The MidWest Quiet Time pet bed provides the perfect area for your pet to call his/her own. The Quiet Time pet bed stain resistant and completely machine washable. Quiet Time pet beds are made from ultra soft synthetic sheepskin and have a cushioned cotton base with comfortable polyester filled bolsters. They keep pets cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Completely machine washable. Ideal for use in wire crates, plastic carriers and dog houses. Sep 4, 2015 - PawMate Sheepskin Orthopedic Pet Beds
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Photo provided by FlickrUltimate luxury sheepskin pet rugs, throws, beds, thick comfort for cats and dogs, wonderful for arthritic pets!
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If you've been looking for an excellent synthetic sheepskin pad that will keep your bunnies, and especially your special-needs bunny comfortable and dry, Palace Pet () is a great resource for this item. These beds come in six colors and two different densities, depending on your needs. The pads are non-allergenic, non-toxic and non-irritating and won't unravel when laundered. In the following list you will see eleven types of dog beds. Even though the design of each type is different, most dog beds use soft and mushy fabrics inside, such as fleece, faux sheepskin, sherpa fabric, etc. to give the dog extra comfort. Independently of the type of bed, a general “Con” for very soft fabrics is that some dogs consider them as a toy to chew on, so if your dog plays with plush toys, I would not suggest to get a soft bed. This is especially important when it comes to because soft fabrics can be ingested by your pet with serious consequences.Soft, super thick plush long wool. These sheepskins are perfect for you or your pet. Lanolin rich, they soften the skin or fur. Pad any surface with the ultimate luxury! Also terrific for pets with arthritis or injury. Great for warming up and cushioning formed pet beds as well.
Use as a throw on the bed or sofa, over an existing formed pet bed, in a favorite sunny window, under a therapy heat lamp,to cushion your favorite chair ....
These pet beds, throws or rugs have no cloth backing. Sizes vary, but a single pelt is between 7 and 8 cubic feet,which is roughly 22 inches by 40 inches.
You'll love it so much, you'll have to buy a second ... for you ~ Machine Washable too! Choose single pelt, double pelt or quad pelt sizes Call us for even larger sizes of 6 or 8 pelts as bed covers or large rugs.

I'm wondering who has tried out the TB dog bed, and how durable it is...especially to digging/chewing/squishing etc. The website states that the dog bed is made of a sheepskin/Sherpa fleece material on one side and ballistic nylon on the other. I'm assuming the ballistic nylon is more tear resistant than the sheepskin material...if so, does anyone use this bed nylon side up? (Shedding isn't an issue for us but if it was, the ballistic nylon is pet hair resistant too.). How's the durability on this bed? One of the most common points of failure for us on dog beds is the zipper. Since it says this bed is made with a YKK zipper, my thought is that this will make it a lot harder for them to chew it open and ruin the zipper teeth. Anyone else have this issue and solved the problem with the TB bed? Finally it says the bed fits dogs up to 90lbs. Anyone have a bigger dog and use this bed? The physical size of the bed looks appropriate for my dogs (sleeping on it one dog at a time), but maybe the memory foam is a little too thin at 1-1/2".Your pet deserves the very best and you have found it here with our luxurious sheepskin pet beds. Use these shearling mats in a basket or crate for extra comfort as well as familiarity and security.