Shout Stain And Odor Remover For Pets 32oz-

$6.99 for Shout for Pets Hardwood Floor Stain and Odor Remover (32 oz.) ($8.99 List Price)
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I quickly opened up the pack of SHOUT Super Absorbent Pick Up Pads. I followed the instructions, placed it down and stepped on it with my foot. I left it there for about 5 minutes and vacuumed the spot. I kept trying to figure out where the stain had been for the rest of the day. Encouraged by this, I then attacked the rest of my rug with the SHOUT Stain Remover and Odor Eliminator Spray. I sprayed it on the rug and let it sit. I vacuumed about five minutes later and instead of the musty smell the carpet (and therefore room) had due to previous pet stains, the room smelled fresh and the carpet looked clean too!
Prepare to say goodbye to your pet’s messes. Head over to PetSmart today to pick up SHOUT™ for Pet Stains!
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The Shout Carpet Spot and Stain Remover is pretty good at removing spots and stains from the carpet and couch but I have noticed that it does lighten my couch and the carpet where I have used it. It is slightly more expensive than the clothing remover so I have been using that instead of this, plus it doesn't lighten the fabric. It does a good job at removing grime and juice from the ground, as long as you spot clean within a couple of hours before it is completely set.

I don't have to scrub too hard when I am trying to remove gunk or build up but it lightens the ground and couch a bit where I use it. I wouldn't use it on wood or anything that is too expensive to replace. I used it on a wood table of mine and it lightened it a bit as well. It works well, it is just meant for carpet obviously.

This stain remover stinks! It smells like chemicals and leaves a bad after scent that is only enhanced when using air fresheners. Shout Pets-Urine Destroyer For Pets. A specialized strength cleaner that will work on the toughest stains and odors. This formula
Photo provided by FlickrShout Carpet Oxy Fresh Scent Urine Destroyer, 32 fl oz, is formulated to help your quickly and easily get rid of accidental stains
Photo provided by FlickrIn our tests, Shout's Carpet Spot & Stain Remover turned in an average performance
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NEW YORK, Nov. 20, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — In November, PetSmart will debut SHOUT® for Pet Stains, a cleaning line developed specifically for the needs of pet owners. The line, manufactured by Fetch…for Pets brings the same stain-fighting power and versatility of SHOUT®, to products specially formulated for the messes left by your furry companions.We’re going to look at marking because it can happen anywhere, any time. Marking is usually done by a male dog, although some females have been known to mark as well. Marking is a way that dogs communicate to other dogs. The fresh mark says a lot. It’s most common in male dogs and even more so with intact males. Marking is different from urinating. Urinating is when a dog empties his bladder. Marking is a means of communication using the urine as the medium. A dog will mark to claim his territory. He will mark to show dominance. He will mark to let females know he is around and available. The most frustrating thing about marking is once a spot has been marked, it will most likely be marked again. Even dogs who have never marked before will find it hard to resist marking over an old spot. Cleaning it up with household cleaners might look and smell good to us, but the smell usually lingers and that’s enough for another dog to justify marking over it. There are a few products on the market that do a decent job of reducing the smell but we have found one that seems to do a better job. It’s called SHOUT For Pet Stains. This can be applied on old, dried, urine stains and we’ve found removes the stain and the smell. We are now stocking this in our store.SHOUT® for Pet Stains provides pet parents with the stain fighting power you need to battle even the toughest of messes on a variety of different surfaces including carpet, fabric and hard floors. The line includes Super Absorbent Oxy Pick-Up Pads™, making it easier than ever to soak up urine from carpet; a Stain Lifting Foam to help remove set-in stains; a Turbo-Oxy Stain & Odor Remover for fabrics and carpet; and a Gel with Brush Head Stain & Odor Remover to deeply penetrate and to help remove problem stains and odors.Shout Pets-Urine Destroyer For Pets. A specialized strength cleaner that will work on the toughest stains and odors. This formula will break down urine on contact and penetrates deep into the fabric's subsurface to completely destroy stain and odor....