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simplehuman | extra large dog & pet food storage container
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The best of all, the simplehuman Pet Food Storage Can is for those who want the best technology with the sexiest design. This beautiful storage container comes in three sizes and is made of fingerprint-proof durable stainless steel. The lid is locked with an easy to operate handle and once you open it, there is a lid-mounted scoop attached neatly underneath; such a great addition.
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The simplehuman pet food can has a robust lock-tight handle that keeps food in and pets out. A silicone gasket forms an airtight seal so food stays fresh. The can includes a convenience scoop that attaches magnetically under the lid. It is ideal for storing dog or pet food or other bulk items like flour, rice, sugar or charcoal. The X-Large container holds approximately 36 to 44 lb./16.3 to 20 kg. The Large container holds approximately 30 to 35 lb./13.6 to 15.9 kg. The Medium container holds approximately 25 to 29 lb./11 to 13 kg. simplehuman Pet Food Container, Medium
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Photo provided by FlickrThe Container Store  simplehuman® 25 lbs. Pet Food Container..this is the one dog food container Bella hasn't been able to break into!
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The Simple Human Pet Food Container is exactly what it sounds like, it holds pet food. However, it does it in style. Its stainless steel. Its fingerprint proof too!I like the clean look of the SIMPLEHUMAN LARGE PET FOOD STORAGE CAN, BRUSHED STAINLESS STEEL!! I could really use a good container for our Joey’s food. Thanks!!CLICK FOR WIKI ►►

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Simplehuman Pet Food BinThe first feature that impresses us is undoubtedly the airtight seal. It keeps the food for your pooch fresh at all times. It also comes with a lock-tight handle that shuts off the container completely when needed. With a huge capacity that had already been mentioned earlier, it comes with a BPA-free bowl that can be attached and removed when needed. This makes the simplehuman Medium Pet Food Storage Can an excellent investment to focus on.Next on the list is the simplehuman Medium Pet Food Storage Can that’s made for people who like heavy-duty utensils. The simplehuman Medium Pet Food Storage Can is quite easily one of the best pet food storage utensils in the market that offers a number of new features that others don’t. With capacities of 25, 30, and 40 liters, it is without a doubt one of the most spacious stainless steel dog food containers out there. Let’s have a look at an extensive list of features that the simplehuman Medium Pet Food Storage Can offers.We apologize, we were unable to find a result based on your search for "simplehuman 30l pet food storage container".
However, we were able to find some possible alternatives that may assist you:In case the IRIS Airtight Pet Food Container Combo Kit isn't available, I would recommend taking a look at its similar counterpart – the . This container also offers an airtight seal, and it can hold up to 50 pounds of dry dog food. It's on wheels for easy mobility, and it is made with human-food grade plastic. The large opening makes it easy to get to the dog food, and lid secures quickly with the simple latch. This cheap dog food container will keep your dog's food fresh long after you open the bag. It's also a great choice for homes with limited space.
Another excellent choice for pet food storage is the simplehuman Pet Food Storage Can made of Stainless Steel. These are designed with a sturdy handle, watertight lock that keeps food fresh and pets out. A silicone gasket is used to create an airtight seal that prevents food from spoiling. This storage tank also includes a spoon, like the IRIS combo kit, and magnetically attaches under the lid. This container can hold up to 45 pounds of dog food. simplehuman stainless steel pet food storage can has a slim design, allowing it to fit in tight spaces. It is also equipped with a removable inner BPA-free bucket, which makes for very easy cleaning. Built-in rear wheels allow you to easily move the container, and the anti-fingerprint finish resists stains leaving the stainless steel shiny and clean. It also comes with a 10 year manufacturer’s warranty.