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I work for petsmart. ALL Simply nourish wet foods come in boxes that state “Product of Thailand”.
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Simply Nourish doesn’t not contain, BHT, BHA, propylene glycol, beet pulp, citric acid, potassium sorbate, sodium nitrate etc… as do a lot of the other dog foods I had researched. When I researched these they were not ingredients I would ever want our pets to ingest. I hope this helps clarify some.
Aug 8, 2014 - Simply Nourish is a PetSmart brand of food, available instore and online
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With all of the pets getting sick and or dying from different foods and treats, I have done months of research for my special needs puppy to make sure he and his sister
have the best and safest quality dry food offered. I came across Simply Nourish a year ago, and the two of them are doing real well on the dry lamb and Oatmeal. Simply Nourish™ Dog Food | dog Canned Food | PetSmart
Photo provided by FlickrSimply Nourish™ Dog Food at PetSmart. Shop all dog canned food online.
Photo provided by FlickrSimply Nourish™ Stew Adult Cat Food | cat Wet Food | PetSmart
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(NASDAQ: PETM) will expand its selection of natural pet foods with the addition of Simply Nourish(TM) brand of pet food for dogs and cats, arriving in select stores beginning May 16, 2011. Simply Nourish natural pet foods are available exclusively at PetSmart stores in the United States, Canada and PetSmart's newest market, Puerto Rico. In addition to Simply Nourish natural pet food, PetSmart is the exclusive retailer of three other brands of pet foods, including , a scientifically formulated brand with dog and cat formulas; dog food and cat food. "Pet nutrition can be confusing and choosing the right food for your pet can be overwhelming," said "That's why Simply Nourish believes in making pet nutrition simple and understandable by using carefully-sourced, wholesome ingredients that are recognized by our pet parents, like real deboned chicken and a superfood blend of real fruits and vegetables." According to a 2010 PetSmart survey, 93 percent of pet parents think that what they feed their pet really matters to their pet's health or well-being. These pet parents also noted ingredient and nutrient quality as the most important factors when choosing their pets' food. As a natural pet food, Simply Nourish is formulated with wholesome, real ingredients found in nature from high-quality sources with the nutrients still intact and free of artificial colors, flavors and preservatives. In addition, Simply Nourish meets standards for natural pet foods. In this subsection, we’ll be going over some of the most important selling-point claims that PetSmart make in regards to their Simply Nourish dog food line, which we will be investigating for ourselves and letting you know what results we found in this article.Simply Nourish dog food, a product produced and sold by a company named PetSmart, is the dog food brand that’s going to be under the microscope in today’s article.Also, and since they include only natural ingredients in their dog food that gives dogs all the nutrients and minerals they need (as if they were eating a completely natural diet in the wild), PetSmart assure their customers that no useless filler is included in their Simply Nourish dog food line either, as there’s no need to.