Pet Type: red-eared slider (turtle) 12 years old /female

I give to you… Pet Sliders Pack. …. Okay all but one is ears but still, it is a pack.
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Sliders can be a little difficult to maintain as pets. A young turtle will need a smaller tank than a full-grown slider, but will still require a tank with water, places to get out of the water, UV lights and a filtration system. AP indicates a full grown turtle may even need a 55-gallon tank.
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If you are considering keeping freshwater turtles as pets, it is important to understand that like any reptile, they require special care. Painted turtles, red-eared sliders and Reeve's turtles are among the most common freshwater turtles chosen for pets. While habitat and nutrition are important factors to consider when it comes to caring for your freshwater turtles, keep in mind that captive turtles also require preventative health care. Handling your pet freshwater turtles is also a matter of concern, since captive breeds are still capable of spreading disease. The vinyl-framed pet doors will be thicker to more nearly match vinyl-framed sliding glass doors.
Photo provided by FlickrRed-eared sliders once kept as pets are heading back to their natural habitats
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Yellow-Bellied Sliders are attractive turtles that make great pets. Even though they are not as well known or as popular as the similar Red-Eared Slider, these animals are a good choice for those who wish to add a turtle to their family.Pet Freedom Means Your Freedom!
Pets go back and forth when they want to. And it’s not just convenience. Consider energy savings over continual opening and closing a sliding door during hot and cold seasons.
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The patio door conversion kit by Pet Door Guys is a sensibly designed, custom built, weather-tight panel that fits your existing sliding glass door. While the pet door keeps the weather out, you still have full use of the sliding door, latch and screen. Pets love the freedom. And so will you. While a turtle can't climb onto your lap to cuddle or meow at you to feed it, turtles do have individual personalities. Not everyone owns a turtle, so it is also a fairly unique pet. People who are away from home most of the day may prefer a turtle to a dog that requires frequent walks and several feedings a day. They also don't require much affection. There are some unique turtle traits that can help you determine if a red-eared slider is the right pet, or even the right turtle, for you. Owning a red-eared slider turtle can be quite fun and rewarding. However, keeping one as a pet may involve more than you may expect. According to , a slider can live between 50 and 70 years in the wild, so caring for this pet isn't a short-term commitment. The red-eared slider has a long history in the pet trade, and it has been kept for many years by a wide variety of hobbyists, both beginners and veterans. For years they were sold in dime stores, and unfortunately many died due to a lack of knowledge of the children who begged their parents to buy them for them. Luckily, now that reptile enthusiasts are better educated, the red-eared slider has a better chance of survival in captivity, but it is a large turtle and should be kept only by people who are prepared to provide the proper care for it.