Product - Rug Doctor 95531 Mighty Pro X3 Carpet Cleaner Machine.

Small canister carpet cleaners are usually set on wheels to allow for easy movement of the machine
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The Bissell Big Green Deep Clean Machine is our highest-quality choice. However, it might be overkill if you only have a small area of carpet in your house. It’s powerful, effective, and efficient, but it also requires a fair amount of storage space. We’d recommend it if you have lots of carpeted floors and a reasonable amount of closet space.
Mar 9, 2017 - Bissell Spot Clean Pro 3624 cleaning a small stain. Finding the best spot carpet cleaner machines in a flooded market can be quite a tall order.
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The most important thing to look for when making your selection of a is that the company you choose is one that works with both kinds of equipment and will discuss your specific needs to determine the best course of action. If you need your entire home of carpets cleaned, you will want to find a company who can accommodate the request of a truck-mounted unit. If, however, all you need to have done is a small area of carpet and a sofa for example, a portable unit will be perfectly fine if a truck-mounted unit is unavailable. We hope this helps clear up confusion on truck mount vs. portable carpet cleaning machines when choosing your carpet cleaning company. Lightweight upright carpet cleaners is a category including carpet cleaning machines of smaller size and weight perfect for effortless home carpet cleaning.
Photo provided by FlickrApr 14, 2014 - Warning: Handheld carpet spot- cleaning machines can do a nice job cleaning small stains
Photo provided by FlickrProduct - Bissell Big Green Deep Cleaning Machine Carpet Cleaner, 86T3
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The downside to all portable carpet cleaners is reduced cleaning power and smaller tanks. This means you have to refill more often and it takes more work to clean bigger areas of carpet. Spot cleaning is the goal with this machine, and it is not good for working larger areas.In terms of basic features, you’ll want to weigh power versus flexibility. Bigger motors have better suction power, and will scrub harder. However, industrial carpet cleaners are hard to fit under furniture, or close to the walls. Smaller machines are more adaptable, but will have trouble with major stains or large amounts of grit due to their smaller motors and weaker brushes.However, the Little Green has heated water technology, which is a definite selling point for some. Owners say the machine works well on small stains, and is easy to assemble and use. Some owners say the suction on this machine is weak, leaving the carpet too wet. A few also find the tank difficult to clean, and say it's prone to leaking from the hose or the bottom of the machine. Still, when compared to other handheld carpet cleaners, the Bissell Little Green gets excellent feedback. It's also made of at least 50 percent recycled plastic, a notable feature for some owners. Small are usually set on wheels to allow for easy movement of the machine. The rolling canister holds the cleaning solution, clean water, and the dirty water returned from the suction hose. Canister carpet cleaners often include a heating element to warm the cleaning water or convert the water into steam. Canister attachments can include a combined applicator and suction wand, a scrubber, and a furniture cleaning attachment. are highly portable and can be easily carried to the place on the carpet that needs cleaning. Spot cleaners have a small tank to hold water and , plus a return tank for the dirty water that is vacuumed up. Some models require the user to push the cleaner back and forth over the spot to be cleaned. Some of the more popular models have rotating brushes; this type of unit is set directly on the spot to be cleaned, and the brushes scrub the spot when the machine is powered up. Spot carpet cleaners can also double as furniture cleaners for small stains or dirt smudges. Primarily designed for home use, spot cleaners have commercial applications for which the portability of the unit is advantageous. often resemble household , but can much bulkier. The upright vacuum-style carpet cleaners have small, removable tanks positioned within the housing to hold carpet cleaning solution, clean water, and dirty water. The machine operates by being pushed back and forth across the carpet like a vacuum cleaner. Uprights often have hose attachments for furniture upholstery cleaning.