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May 12, 2015 - Regulars dash into the small Eagle Rock pet store to pick up organic dog treats ..
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During a tour, Zajac might also feed fresh eggs from his chickens to a monitor lizard, or take you through the reptile tanks, which are stacked three high in long rows, like televisions in the window of an old electronics store. He’ll tell you to look up when you pass underneath the sloths, who hang from ropes and branches on the ceiling. He’ll warn you not to pet the ferrets: Last year he called five ambulances for ferret bites alone. After he’s led you through the exotic mammals, the terrarium, the garden, the aquarium, the puppies, the birds, and the small mammals, he might take you to the parking lot for one of his favorite shows of all.
Dec 2, 2016 - How can small independent pet stores survive in a rapidly changing industry?
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The expansion is more than just big-box stores. In 2009, the company introduced stores named Unleashed by Petco that are intended to "answer the call of our customers who were looking for a smaller footprint, locally focused neighborhood pet store," Petco spokeswoman Megan Oxford said. The smaller stores spotlight "high-quality products" and the "very best" in dog and cat food, Oxford said. The stores also host events such as pet birthday parties and meet-ups. Small Animals - Pet World - Massachusetts Pet Store - Pet World Natick
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Photo provided by FlickrFor a small-ish pet store, they have a huge selection of dog food, treats and toys.
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Regulars dash into the small Eagle Rock pet store to pick up organic dog treats or feathery cat toys. They chat with owner Peter Berman and pet Vinny, the store's greeter dog.The pet store industry is highly concentrated. PetSmart and Petco—the two major players—account for 60 percent of total revenue. The remainder of the industry is made up of small chains of pet stores, small franchises and family-owned stores. "These smaller chains are really successful because they get to know their customers," said Steve King, president of the Pet Industry Distributors Assn., which works with pet product wholesalers. "They can be much more nimble in the marketplace and bring on products that are new and trending and hot."Despite this, many small pet stores continue to thrive and grow—carving out a unique place in the industry and offering benefits that can’t be found at the big-box stores. The main players are proving difficult to beat on some counts—lower prices, wider product selections and the convenience of online sales being three major selling points for consumers. Some small stores have struggled to compete, resulting in decreased revenue and even store closures. According to , the purchase of pet products online grew 38 percent in 2014, with around a third of pet owners now buying pet products online. This is a trend that small pet stores would be wise to consider. Small retailers are often intimidated by the cost and logistics of keeping a large enough inventory for online sales, but drop shipping can be a relatively simple and cost-effective solution for small stores who want to offer e-commerce.Trained staff can assist customers and offer personalized advice that the big-box stores simply can’t compete with. With the difference in price between the big boxes and the independents being relatively insignificant, many pet owners are choosing to shop at small stores that offer the level of customer service and advice they require.Small animals, such as rats and reptiles, are forced to live in severely crowded boxes, where they often have no choice but to stand on top of each other. are meant to have entire oceans and lakes to explore, but in pet stores, they circle endlessly in tiny tanks. Birds are put on display in cages, where they can barely stretch their wings, much less fly. The stress of life in a metal box even causes some birds to attack and kill their cagemates.