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A Magnolia TX veterinarian may recommend a variety of pets for your home. To learn more about small pet care, call us today. We look forward to hearing from you!
Small sized Take-Home Boxes are great for sending new pets to their new home
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A Magnolia TX veterinarian may recommend a variety of pets for your home. To learn more about small pet care, call us today. We look forward to hearing from you! Small Pets Holiday Home - Home - provides a boarding service for small pets whilst people are taking there well earned holidays.
Photo provided by FlickrBrowse our small animals and discover the joy of bringing home one of the many pets for sale at your local Petco store
Photo provided by FlickrSep 13, 2011 - Many shelters have a variety of small pets waiting for new homes, and some keep a waiting list for people seeking a particular species.
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The cheapest pets to own are usually the smallest, so they don’t take up much room in your home, either. Pets with a low cost of ownership are also relatively low maintenance, so they’re ideal for little kids. Genets are for someone who has had many of the usual pets and wants to try something a little different. These animals are related to cats but have their own unique personality. Most people buy them as babies from breeders to make sure they’ll have a sweet pet that does not bite. They will get very attached to their owner and it’s because of this that genets who need to be rehomed often become biters as they distrust new owners. Make sure you can keep these guys for the up to 20 years you may have them! They can be kept singly but probably do better with a genet companion. They love to climb to high places and require someone who will give them the diet they need which generally consists of ferret food supplemented with fresh foods and meats. They need to be out of their cage for at least several hours a day but they are litter trainable. They are not cuddly pets, preferring instead to explore and play. They do NOT mix with smaller animals as being natural predators they will eat them. Dogs and cats can sometimes be introduced to young or baby genets. They will need to be spayed or neutered or you will risk their behavior becoming aggressive as they reach maturity. There are so many wonderful small pets that it can be difficult to choose just one, but since they don't require a lot of space, perhaps you don't have limit yourself to a single pet. Take a look at some of the most popular pets from different branches of the animal kingdom, and find out what makes them so popular, as well as any drawbacks you should be aware of before bringing one home. When it comes to adopting pets from a rescue, dogs and cats seem to always take top billing. But there are also rescues dedicated to caring for and rehoming small pets! At our National Adoption Weekends sometimes you’ll find rats, guinea pigs, rabbits, birds, turtles and reptiles looking for their Forever Homes. We spoke with Marc from Little RES Q about their rescue and why adoption is worth a serious look when it comes to adopting smaller pets too.Selecting the small pet that's right for your home is no small feat. With all the adorably tiny options, it can be difficult to determine whether your family's new addition should have fins or fur. After all, some pets need massive amounts of care and attention, while others prefer to be left alone. It all depends on how much time and effort you're willing to put forth to become a pet owner.When you have limited space in your Magnolia TX home, you may consider bringing a small pet into your house. At Paws to Claws Veterinary Care, we offer treatment for pocket pets and small animals you bring into your home.