Do snakes and other pets get along? In a word, "No"!

Venomous species of snakes are almost always aggressive and are not recommended as pets.
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Garter snakes are small colubrid snakes that are not constrictors. They do not pose any dangers to children other than salmonella, which can be carried by any reptile. They are active during the day so they have excellent eye sight which they use along with their keen sense of smell to find and capture prey. They make great display pets because they are very alert and active. In the wild they are often found around water; streams, rivers, lakes and marshes.
And, most importantly, we learned about four types of snakes that make great pets:
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I have wanted to own snakes since I was just a little girl. For as long as I can remember, I have been fascinated by these remarkable creatures. My father enjoys recalling an incident where I came racing home on roller skates holding a garter snake in my hands. I would also hunt down turtles and lizards as often as possible. We would keep them for a few days and then release them into the wild. I was never allowed a pet snake as a child. I don't blame my parents for their decision. We had no idea how to care for them!

As an adult I have kept snakes and other reptiles as pets, including Leopard Geckos, Savannah Monitors and Red-Ear Sliders. When I became pregnant with my daughter my husband and I made the difficult decision to give up our reptiles: we felt at the time that it was better for our daughter that we not have the salmonella or the constriction risk, as we owned, at the time, some very large constrictors and I was interested in venomous snakes.

Before purchasing a snake, I was very well researched. I have included some excellent research links at the bottom of this article, and you should take the time to give them a look-see before proceeding to check-out. Many resources contain information about the choice of first snake. I like to spin things, however, and that's what I'm about to do. I will give you the typical options, of course, but you must make your own decision in the end. Please just ensure that you do your research before making a purchase!

I will be suggesting three different species for your first, with information about each snake and pros and cons of ownership.

Now on to some snakes that are fairly easy to care for and make good pets.
Photo provided by FlickrSnakes are fascinating. However,snakes are obviously not the right pets for everyone.
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Giant snakes take a whole different level of commitment when it comes to keeping them as pets. Here are a few things you should consider carefully before buying a breed of snake that is going to turn into a giant.NBA player Mikki Moore has five snakes, including two albino Burmese pythons, a Colombian red tail boa constrictor, and two corn snakes. In the late 1980s, Kirk Cameron had four pet snakes and a tarantula. Dominic Monaghan has several exotic pets, including an albino snake and a black widow spider.Ball Pythons are great pets for both the first time snake owner as well as the seasoned keeper. They make a good learning tool to teach children about these amazing animals, are easy to keep, and affordable. Here is more information about the .We often get questions about what is an ideal beginner-friendly snake for those new to the hobby. Beginner meaning fairly easy to care for with not a lot of requirements other than good husbandry and attention to detail. Of all the reptiles available in the hobby, snakes seem to be the most popular. Go to any reptile show, and the majority of the animals available are of the legless kind. Snakes can make great pets. They can be secretive or outgoing, depending on the individual snake and the species, and some of them are easy to care for. Here we present you five beginner friendly snakes, in no particular order, for those new to the hobby, or for those who wish to add a new animal to your collection that is fairly easy to keep.
Often we don’t appreciate how long a snake can live when housed in ideal conditions. The pet shops and breeders rarely ever tell us just how much of commitment it really is to care for a snake over the full course of its life. Fact is that snakes (as well as other reptiles) can live long, long lives especially when you compare it to that of other common household pets like cats, dogs, and ferrets.Name: Kelly
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