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Bissell SpotBot carpet cleaner - how to unclog if there's a loss of suction
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Unlike the Bissell SpotBot Handsfree portable cleaner, the does not have an automated cleaning mode. It comes with a motorized brush included, but the user still needs to tend to the stain cleaning process. However, the suction power of the Rug Doctor Portable is much higher, which means its a better machine at suctioning water and dirt off the carpet.
The Bissell Spotbot’s automated brushing will clean a round 7″ diameter area. A spiral brush action lifts stains and dirt from the carpet.
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The cleaning path of the handheld brush is 4.5 inches on the Rug Doctor Portable vs. 3 inches with the SpotBot’s included handheld brush. Bissell makes additional accessories for their portable machines that can be bought separately. If you like a machine that is versatile in terms of the number of different accessories of handtools it can work with, be sure to carefully consider a Bissell. Find spotbot carpet cleaner at Target.
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The carpet cleaner sprays the solution and suction-dries in a single step. Spotbot Pet has a 32-ounce water tank and the weight of the device 14.1 pounds.These little high power vacuum cleaners that wet the spot with carpet detergents, scrub it and then vacuum it. The Spotbot is a low maintenance model, just put water and cleaner in one tank, remove dirty water from the dirty tank.The Bissell Spotbot has less tools included, but it has a 3 inch Tough Stain Brush. It also has a one year warranty as opposed to a 2 year warranty for the two other carpet cleaners. The big plus with the Spotbot is the fact that it is automatic, set it and forget it. Automatic cleaning cycles allow you to choose setting and walk away while the machine does the work for you. Can also be used as a portable device. Deep Reach Technology: Cleans from the bottom up to thoroughly remove deep down stains. Features Preset cycles for hands free cleaning and a 32 oz. dirty tank capacity. Sprays and suctions to dry in one step. Unique spiral brushing helps lift dirt and stains. Versatile for cleaning of spots and stains, stairs, upholstery and cars.It can work on off-white carpets without leaving a bad off-color stain due to dark messes like poop. However, it won’t work without redistributing some color from messes on all white carpet, though running a separate manual cycle will reduce this effect in most cases. You can reduce this effect by cleaning the same spot with the hose to get the last amount of cleaning solution and debris out of the carpet when it is done with both a manual and automatic cycle.The Bissell SpotClean Pro is great for people who are pet owners because of its ability to clean messy, deep down stains. It is a good choice for anyone who has children, a lot of foot traffic or anyone who is prone to spilling things on the carpet. It can handle dirty jobs in both small and large spaces. It is even good for cleaning up messes on your upholstered items. The Bissell SpotClean Pro is small enough to clean spaces that are hard to get larger cleaners into such as stairs, cars, corners and closets.