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Heavy foot traffic can make carpets especially dirty. When considering whether to clean the carpet on your own, try renting a steam carpet cleaner, which uses detergent and hot water to loosen dirt from the carpet and then extracts it.
When your carpet needs a deep cleaning, consider renting a carpet steam cleaner.
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If you only plan to steam clean your carpets once or twice per year, professional cleaning is the way to go. After factoring in equipment cost, shampoo, and your time, you get the best results for your money from the professionals. If you plan to clean your carpet more often, then it may make sense to rent or buy. Definitely nice points, should be considered before renting a steam carpet cleaner. I'll keep your tips in mind. Keep it up.
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Having your carpet professionally cleaned can be costly, but you can get a top-quality cleaning job at a do-it-yourself price: Rent an easy-to-operate Rug Doctor steam cleaning machine from us—you will love the results!Most people rent a carpet steamer for a day. Consider how many rooms you'll be cleaning to determine whether 24 hours is long enough, or whether you need a carpet cleaner rental for a longer period of time. Be generous with your estimate for how long a cleaning might take.
Bissell Green Machine Steam Cleaners are located at the Customer Service Desk

Machine (regular) rents for $29.99 for 24 hours.

Guest will need two forms of Identification to rent a Bissell Steam Cleaner:
1. A valid Driver's License
2. A Major Credit Card/Debit Card
3. No deposit is required at this time
4. Additional charge for shampoo - starting at $14.99
5. Additional charge for hand tools for furniture cleaning - $3.00
6. Additional fees will be assessed if the unit is not returned on its return date/time (fees will vary depending on when the unit is returned)If you rent a steam or hot water extraction carpet cleaner you may be tempted to buy the expensive branded cleaning solutions offered by the rental company but white vinegar also works quite well and for a fraction of the cost. The Rug Doctor, which offers machines for both home and commercial use, is probably the best-known brand of rental carpet cleaner, but Bissell carpet cleaner rentals are nipping closely at its heels. Both Rug Doctor and Bissell carpet steam cleaner rentals are available at thousands of outlets nationwide, including a number of supermarkets and hardware stores. A store locator on each company's website can help customers find a rental in their area. Renting a steam cleaner used to be considered more efficient than owning one but today’s household steam cleaners with their enhanced features, do a really good job. Their performance may not be up to the standard of the commercial steam cleaner but they make up for that in terms of convenience and cost. You also need to take into account the cost of renting a steam cleaner for just a few hours every time you need to steam clean your carpets, as opposed to the convenience of having your own machine that you can take out of the cupboard as and when you need it.