How to Stop Cats From Scratching the Furniture or Carpet

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I had this problem for over a year. With 3 cats that would inevitably un-invite themselves from the bedroom around 5am, and then subsequently try to invite themselves back in by scratching at the door. We tried everything. We use a carpet protector under the door so that the cats cannot rip up the carpet, but that does not stop the scratching. We’ve tried the following:
How to stop cats from scratching the carpet
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Cats need tall posts to mimic trees cats like to scratch need and save our couches carpets other surfaces it 39 s ideal how to stop cats from scratching carpet stop cats from scratching carpet ideas How to Stop Your Cat from Scratching Your Furniture and Carpets.
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Cat tearing up carpet at your door? Cat scratching? Save your carpet with the CarPET Scratch Stopper from KittySmart LLC, available in three sizes to fit standard U.S doors.How to stop cats from scratching the carpet? The CarPET Scratch Stopper! It fits under the door and keeps your cat from scratching carpet in the places that they love to destroy.Introducing the CarPET Scratch Stopper™: the first effective device ever created to instantly prevent cats from scratching the carpet at doorways.Bad Kitty ... But you can keep this from getting worse and prevent it the next time by using CarPET Scratch Stoppers. Carpets no longer need to be your cat's scratching post.The CarPET Scratch Stopper stops cats from scratching the carpet at doorways instantly! Only $24.95 + s Buy one get the second 50% off! Available in 3 sizes!The CarPET Scratch Stopper™ is a heavy duty floor mat, similar to the ones you can get to put under a rolling chair in a carpeted office. The mat is cut to fit under a door, extending on both sides to keep your cats from destroying the carpet. The side of the mat that goes on the carpet has small protrusions to keep it from moving around, the top is smooth plastic.Cats scratch at things in their environment so that they can groom their claws and mark their turf. If there's nothing acceptable for them to scratch around your home, they may take to scratching things like your carpet instead, making ugly holes in the middle of your room. Stop your cats from ruining your carpet by providing them with acceptable alternatives to use and making the carpet inaccessible for them as well.Now, if you do move it slow enough, and keep an eye on your cats behavior, you will soon realize your carpet is safe now. Just keep in mind, scratching is natural for cats, they require it, and, over time, your cat may get back to his habits. But that should be no problem, since you already know how to stop your cat from clawing carpet, and you can apply same techniques again. They do work.