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Straw is also a popular bedding material for pet rodents and a good alternative to wood fibre.
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I have owned bunnies all my life and spent a great deal of time looking for a litter which is not only non-clumping (clumping = bad for bunnies) but free of chemicals and safe to eat. Bunnies like to chew everything and this includes their litter. Litter made of compressed newspaper contains shreds of metal and plastic which is detrimental to a bunny's digestive system. Please look for yourself by breaking open a few pellets.

I would only recommend this product to rabbit owners who have properly litter trained their bunnies. It would not be a good bedding alternative or for pets who are not litter trained. I change my bunny's litter twice a day by dumping the loose litter from one box into a clean one while the soiled litter clings to the bottom of the soiled litter box in a big clump. To dispose of the used litter I just hold the litter box over the garbage and smack it once. If you keep your cage clean and change the litter often, odor (as with most pets) should not be an issue.

One bag (the smaller one) will last us 3 weeks with our little bunny. Straw litter is also flushable and biodegradable and we go through less litter compared to compressed newspaper litter. Furthermore, litter composed of reclaimed wood pulp will only begin to absorb moisture once it has been soaked for days and corn based litters are toxic to bunnies while anything with clay will result in GI Stasis which will lead to death if not treated promptly.

If you are a bunny owner who has successfully litter trained your bun, are concerned about chemicals and their effects, and aware that your pet will nibble at her litter then this is a great litter choice at an affordable price.
Straw bedding in the doghouse keeps your loveable pet comfortable, especially in the winter.
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With the weather turning cooler, make sure to provide a warm and dry place for outdoor pets and livestock. Wells Brothers has plenty of options for animal bedding at including Suncoast Pine Shavings, straw and coastal hay. The straw pellets are also an ideal small pet bedding, ideal for rabbits, reptiles and guinea pigs.
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Photo provided by FlickrStraw is also a popular bedding material for pet rodents and a good alternative to wood fibre
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Wood shavings are a relatively cheap by-product of woodworking industries and commonly used as animal bedding, as an alternative to straw, for horses and for smaller animals kept as pets such as rabbits and guinea pigs.There have been many substitutes suggested and tried, strawnet, pet bedding, coir- but the best thing going might be to order a brick of coir. It has great water retention qualities, too.Handsome Moyo had only part of a rotting, dilapidated wooden fence for shelter before PETA delivered a custom-built doghouse stuffed with dry straw bedding for him to curl up in.