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EPBOT: How To Make a Stuffed Animal Backpack
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We're shouldn't take photos with wild animals. How about taking a photo with a stuffed toy to emphasize the point? Original article: How To Make a Stuffed Animal Backpack.
Elmo Furry 90s Club Kid Mini Backpack Stuffed Animal by ACTUALTEEN
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DIY Stuffed Animal Backpack

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the straps are kind of small because I plan on giving it to my niece one day Monkey backpack with removable stuffed animal
Photo provided by FlickrElmo Furry 90s Club Kid Mini Backpack Stuffed Animal by ACTUALTEEN
Photo provided by FlickrTiger backpack with removable stuffed animal
Photo provided by Flickr
I have a tutorial over on my blog that shows you how to turn a giant care bear into a backpack! ;u;! You can use the process to turn them into different kinds of stuffed animals into bags as well! I hope this is helpful to someone!Whether I’m in an amusement park, at the mall, or on a jog through the park with my dog, I constantly find myself running into people with stuffed animal backpacks. I don’t know what it is about these backpacks, but I’ve always found them to be absolutely adorable! When I was younger, I myself had an Eeyore and Pooh bear stuffed animal backpack and I would carry them around with me all the time. Now that I’m older, I thought it might be fun to make a backpack out of a random stuffed animal.Every kid wishes they could bring their stuffed animals to school, and with these Pal Arounds backpacks they can do so without bribing the bus driver. Securely strapped to each bag is a plush bear or giraffe, which, after school, can be easily removed and taken to high tea with Paddington Bear and the Velveteen Rabbit. Beyond each bags' top zip closure lies ample storage space for school supplies and travel gear. All styles are machine washable. Now, stuff your pouch into the stuffed animal’s back and hand-stitch around the zippers edges. To create the straps for the backpack, you’ll need to somehow attach the plushie’s hands and feet. Find a strap that you can cut into 4 sections (also a matching color, or black as an alternative) and attach D rings to two of the ends. Open up your plushie’s paw just a bit. . .First things first, if you want to do this project, you’ll need to pick a stuffed animal. A monkey is a great choice because they have long arms and legs, so you’ll need less string to attach, meaning a more fun, happy, and cute looking backpack.If you guys want to make a stuffed animal backpack or build-a-bear backpack GIFT has awesome tutorials. This is just a little add on to her video because when she makes hers she doesn't sew the inside. This is just a quick tutorial on how to sew the inside of the stuffies so the fluff doesn't come out! Sorry if it's a little hard to see that's the best my cameras got but I hope it helps you guys!
This is kind old and my first tutorial. I know I sound awkward but oh well. :P
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