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My attempt at Stuffed Animal Storage made from a bed canopy and grosgrain ribbon.
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Personally, I think 2 is way past the age of not putting anything in their beds with them. I have a 2 year old and she sleeps with 2 pillows and 2 blankets and sometimes stuffed animals or even books. Don't worry, she'll be fine! =)
Stuffed animal swing - Help Your Kids Stay Organized This Summer, toy organization and children's bedroom cleaning tips and ideas
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This will be my first round with bedbugs, as I've just discovered them.
I live in a downtown studio, with a bed and a plounge area filled with stuffed animals and plush decorations. (this is going to be fun!)
I have have literally five trash bags of stuffed animals.
Although I have steamed them, I don't trust it at just that. If you'd like to play with stuffed animals using only your bed space, there are a few ways you can do to make this fun.
Photo provided by FlickrMy son is also two and always has stuffed animals in bed. He tends to push them away from him on his own so I don't worry about him.
Photo provided by FlickrStuffed animal swing - Help Your Kids Stay Organized This Summer, toy organization and children's bedroom cleaning tips and ideas
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old dresser drawer to raised storage box super easy diy, bedroom ideas, chalk paint, diy, home decor, how to, painted furniture, repurposing upcycling, storage ideas, woodworking projects, The stuffed animals are finally under control For more ideas on what this type of storage box could be used for head over to Two It YourselfGreetings from ! Is your kid an avid collector of stuffed animals? Stuffed animals are such cute and comfy companions for bedtime, play dates and parties. As time goes by, your kid’s collection of stuffed animal toys may keep increasing to take over his/her bedroom and play area. If you are looking for organizing solution to keep your kid’s room clutter free and save space, here at , we have collected a roundup of more than 20 creative ways to organize and store your stuffed animal toys. They are great ways to get all of the out of the way in limited space, and also cute ways to display your kid’s favorite stuffed toys. From hanging them vertically, on the wall, over the ceiling, or store them under the bed, hopefully this will get you inspired to organize your kid’s toys in a better way. Let’s check out all of these great ideas!Children of all ages always have a strong liking on playing with stuffed toys. These adorable toys provide them companionship during the dark of night. There must be tons of old or unwanted stuffed toys and take over the entire bedroom or playroom in your house over the years. It is very necessary and advisable for you to create some functional storage for the toys instead of just sending them to the trash. Creating storage allows your child to keep the stuffed toys without having them scattered all over the room and put his stuffed animals away easily as well.Instead of sitting those stuffed animals on the bed or piling them up in the closet, make their own little zoo cage and keep them organized. This is such a neat project and one that really won’t take much time. Plus, the animals easily go in and out of the cage so the little ones can play with them all they want and then just stick them back into their cage with they are finished. The gist of the project is to take a cheap $15 bookcase unit and turn it into a cage by using bungee cords. You just have to drill holes in the case to hold the cords and they’ll perfectly keep those animals in line.