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The downsides are the ramps/shelves as well as the pan are plastic, meaning they can be chewed. The shelves also have a ridge around the edge that collects urine and feces - it would be best to cover or make your own shelving for this cage. But the footprint of it is great (same as the Martin's R-680), the bar spacing is small, and Super Pet sells replacement parts for it. Good for around 3 rats.
Super Pet designs and develops comfortable living environments for small animal pets. If you need replacement parts for your small animal cage,
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Ferret store is the only store allowed to sell SP "replacement" parts such as ramps, bases, etc, to the public. I was recently told this by Super Pet personnel. You definitely want to get the 16' ramps...the 12' ramps are more suitable for the double deep version of cage 60319 shown below I used replacement parts for a discontinued Super Pet cage to attach the main cage and the little cage
Photo provided by FlickrThe base of the cage cracked while moving and I want to order a new one, but Super Pet has stopped selling replacement parts
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The Super Pet multi-levels are nice cages, but they are a bit harder to clean. They finally came out with the 'exotic' that has smaller bar spacing (most of their cages have the 3/4" or so bar width) so they do work for girls and babies (larger bar ones don't). The plastic shelves have this groove around the edge that tends to collect poop/pee and it's kind of icky, so I upgraded from them. Rats will also eventually chew the tabs off the shelves so they don't work anymore. On the plus side, you can buy replacement parts!Just click the "click here to see available replacement parts" link towards the bottom of that cage. I don't like the superpet cages very much, but they are very good about having parts for all their cages, even discontinued ones.You CAN get replacement parts for the purple/green SP cage, but I've heard they are pricey. You would be better off making your own ledges if that's what you want. You can use plastic dish drying trays (or any hard, flat plastic). Just drill or jam scissors through to make holes, and zip tie/cable tie to the bars. You can also use the cutting boards (not wood/bamboo type) if you have a drill. For ramps, I use Critter Nation/Ferret Nation ramps. They are amazing for helping them get to each level. Honestly, the ramps that come with that Super Pet cage are terrible. Mine aren't used at all. You can find those ramps all over the place. You can also use wooden bird ladders, I use these as well. Like this