Super Pet CritterTrail Three Habitat: Pet Supplies

Super Pet CritterTrail Extreme Challenge Habitat: Pet Supplies. This is Daphne's cage
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Super Pet CritterTrail Two Level Habitat is an expanded 2-level habitat for all hamsters, gerbils and mice. Removable Petting Zone allows for easy interaction and is a safe resting location.
Super Pet CritterTrail Hamster Portable Petite Habitat
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Give your small pet all-in-one fun with the Super Pet CritterTrail X - that's X for Extreme entertainment! This multi-dimensional small pet habitat features all the essential and must-have pieces that make up a great cage for dwarf or other small hamsters, mice and similar small pets. In fact, the high-quality CritterTrail X hamster or mouse cage comes complete with a water bottle, food dish and the Xtreme Wheel - and it glows in the dark! This mouse or hamster cage includes these extensive essentials so that all you have to provide is the substrate, food and pet! The Super Pet CritterTrail X is designed with a removable Petting Zone so that pet parents - especially kids - can enjoy interacting with their lovable pets. The Petting Zone opens to let you play with your furry friends and detaches so you can take it with you - perfect for more one-on-one time or for holding your pet while you clean the hamster or mouse cage. Small pets and pet parents alike love the bright and exciting colors that coat the entire Super Pet CritterTrail X. Every part - from the wheel to the base - is made of tinted, translucent durable plastic that soothes your pet by creating a sense of enclosed security. Even the sturdy wires (spaced at 6 mm or 1/4") are brightly colored, too! The deep base, hard plastic, and latched front wire door make this a secure and escape-resistant mouse or hamster cage. The base and wire portions of this hamster or mouse cage assemble easily with detailed instructions provided, and the detachable design makes cleaning a breeze. The CritterTrail X mouse or hamster cage is compatible with all CritterTrail accessories and can connect to Habitrail and SAM systems (all sold separately). Super Pet CritterTrail Discovery Deluxe Habitat Price: $54.99
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Photo provided by FlickrSuper Pet CritterTrail Hamster Portable Petite Habitat
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The Super Pet Habitat Defined Habitat claims to be the “next generation” of small animal cages, and it certainly comes with several interesting and fun features!Assembly and presentation of the SuperPet CritterTrail Extreme Challenge Habitat by Kaytee. Introducing two Siamese Gerbils that demonstrate the elaborate mechanism of the Extreme Challenge exercise wheel... just a new addition to our CritterTrail Collection... this cage is suited to hamsters, gerbils, mice, and other very small rodents. Diversity and varied configurations keep your pets keen and thinking... before giving a BIG pet and responsibility to your children, test them with small pets first.

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PINE SHAVINGS... instead of calling me names, cursing and asking me to "die in a hole"... please look at "real" scientific studies by people with "real credentials"... If you want to call names and curse me out because you read a blog, you are trying very very hard to ignore science. Interacting with your small animal is safe and effortless with the Super Pet Habitat Defined Rat Habitat. The next generation of small-animal habitats offers multiple play levels for a fun-filled climbing experience. Made using strong plastic protected by Super Protect antimicrobial technology that provides a healthy, clean environment, as well as sturdy metal wire with 1-inch spacing. The fully opening top door, rounded corners, and extra-deep base design offer effortless cleaning. All doors feature spring-loaded locks to ensure your pet’s security. Includes 3 Extra Fun Wavy Ramps, 3 Elite Comfort Shelves, sturdy latches, and locking food dish. Easy assembly. Sized for rats. Measures 25.25 x 12.25 x 28.25 inches.
Provides safe and secure environment for tiny pets. Easy to clean design. Includes water bottle and food dish. SUPER PROTECT Antimicrobial Technology is built into all plastic interior surfaces providing a healthier, cleaner habitat for your pet.

Note: Formerly known as CritterTrail One.