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Training your small animal pet companion to eliminate in one area of his cage will surely help you keep his cage clean. Developed especially for rabbits and ferrets, the Super Pet Ferret Litter Training Kit includes a corner litter box along with a corner liter scoop, a trial size bag of pet litter and potty training instructions. This kit is a favorite among many pet parents as it helps to simplify regular cage and habitat maintenance. There is also the Petco Small Animal High Back Litter Pan, which has been designed with a low front entry for easy pet access and a high back to prevent pets from kicking litter or pet bedding out of their cages. Specifically for hamsters, there is the Super Pet Hamster Potty, which is designed to fit in practically any hamster cage and features a sanitary sifting scoop, translucent cover and a stain-resistant base. Promote your small animal companion's health and well-being with a well-maintained cage or habitat today!
The Super Pet Cage Deluxe My First Home for Small Animals is the perfect home for your chinchilla, rat, or other small mammal. Uni
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Give your small pet twice the space to live and play with the Super Pet CritterTrail Two small animal cage. This two-level, all-inclusive enclosure is absolutely ideal for use as a mouse, gerbil or hamster cage. The spacious living area is enclosed on four sides with sturdy wire and on top and bottom with durable plastic. The three corrugated fun-nels let your small pet climb up, down and all around this colorful and engaging small animal cage. Two of the fun-nels lead up to comfort shelves which are perched on either side and above the safe and silent exercise wheel. The Super Pet CritterTrail Two is as safe and easy to maintain for your pet as it is engaging for him. The wire and plastic construction of the small animal cage allows for quality airflow yet cuts down on harmful drafts. The wire spacing is 6mm - ideal for your small pet's delicate paws. Of course one of the most important components of a good mouse or hamster cage is the ability to keep it clean and dry. That's why this particular habitat is designed with a deep scatter-less base made of stain and odor-resistant plastic. The high-sided design eliminates scattered food, litter, and messes on your floor. Easily change out your pet's litter or substrate to quickly be rid of damp or odor-causing spots. The Super Pet CritterTrail Two features a removable food dish and a drip-resistant water bottle. You can easily access your pet through two access doorways. For even more accessibility, this hamster cage features a special petting zone that you can open up to reach your pet or feed him a tasty treat. The CritterTrail Two is compatible with all CritterTrail accessories and universally connects to Habitrail and SAM systems; you can attach new modular pieces to any of the six access points included in the enclosure. The Super Pet Cage Deluxe My First Home for Small Animals is the perfect home for your chinchilla, rat, or other small mammal. Uni
Photo provided by FlickrThe Super Pet Cage Deluxe My First Home for Small Animals is the perfect home for your chinchilla, rat, or other small mammal. Uni
Photo provided by FlickrSuper Pet Kaytee Multi-Level Small Exotic Animal Cage.
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The people are experts too, working together to provide the pet owner with the most specialized habitats of superior design and quality for pet birds and small animals. Each high quality habitat is constructed to provide the finest environment for your pet. The Super Pet brand is recognized as the #1 brand of cages and innovative accessories and toys that encourage interaction and enhance the bond between owners and their pets. Super Pet provides the most specialized habitat and accessories to develop and maintain a long, happy association between you and your pet.
As pet lovers, we all have special little moments with them that are ours alone. Whether its the soft purring your cat makes when you brush its coat, the words that your parrot speaks to only you or the sparkling personality in your Jack Russell Terrier, there are times when we can see the results of our care and attention. Super Pet helps us to have more of these types of moments with our pets; doing everything they can to enhance your relationship with your pet. Like many other newer pet supply companies, they are super passionate about dogs, cats and other small pets.

Whether you need Feeders, Cages, Treats, Cleaning Supplies or anything else, their products encourage interaction and enhance the bond between you and your pets. By focusing on the health, security and the comfort of your pets, you can feel comfortable knowing you are giving your pet the life they deserve.