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Our high quality Through the Wall Pet Doors are energy efficient, safe and durable
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What if a burglar climbs through your large sized pet door? Well, you can stop worrying. Get the and you've got 12 guage steel and a steel combination lock between that burglar and your pet door. Works on doors and walls for the ultimate in pet door security. See thumbnail below.
Pet doors can be installed through a wood or metal door, through a wall and with the help of glazier can be installed through glass.
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But bear in mind, this is a wall entry pet door, meaning that you will have to cut through the wall in order to install it, but it's fairly easy (just remember to have all the right tools!) It doesn't really have anything to complain about considering its price and what you'd expect for these pet doors. out the area through you wall if you install the pet door through your wall.
Photo provided by FlickrPictorial guide to installing the MaxSeal Wall Mount pet door through Stucco sided homes.
Photo provided by FlickrPictorial guide to installing the MaxSeal Wall Mount pet door through Brick sided homes.
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Security is a major factor in choosing a wall model pet door. Higher quality doors offer security covers that mount on the inner frame. The best security covers are made of Lexan® polycarbonate or Starboard® marine grade polymer. These materials are strong, attractive and virtually indestructible. Starboard® even has color that goes all the way through so scratches don't show.If you are looking for a wall installed doggie door with excellent insulation and energy efficiency, we recommend Endura wall mount dog doors made by our friends at Patio Pacific and available here at High Tech Pet at the best price anywhere. The Ideal Ruff Weather dog door with dual flap design are also a good wall install pet door option. These are well constructed pet doors that are safe, secure and well insulated and designed for through wall installation.You choose the most convenient place in your home for your pet door, and I’ll install it for you.A door doggie door can be very convenient—especially if you want your dog to use your entrance. Most of the time, there are no special arrangements—such as a ramp or steps—necessary because it’s easy to walk through the door. Door dog doors can be installed in all types of doors:The wall doggy door is the most energy efficient dog door because of the air space between the double flaps that hang on each side of the wall. No matter the type of wall you have: frame with stucco, brick, block or concrete—you can have a wall pet door installed. If there are electrical, phone or bug lines in the wall, I’ll reroute them for you.If you like to enjoy fresh air when the weather is nice, your dog would love a screen dog door. You can relax while your pets go out to the yard and back.The PlexiDor dog doors and cat door are available for door or wall installation. The door kit makes it easy to install the pet door through a standard house door. A somewhat handy person can do this themselves and it doesn’t take long.The MaxSeal wall mounted pet doors are ideal for installation through any type of wall. The self-framing tunnel is made from one solid piece of aluminum. There are no seams for moisture seepage and the inherent strength allows for minimal framing in the wall itself. (Other wall mounted pet doors require self framing of the tunnel opening to help support tunnel kits).This pet door comes in two sections. The self-framing tunnel comes riveted to to the interior frame of the pet door. The exterior frame will sleeve into the tunnel once the tunnel is trimmed. After the hole in the wall is done, you push the tunnel through from the inside.