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My opinion on the top 20 lizard pets hope u enjoy accidentally called Gila monster a venomous SNAKE
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When it comes to pets who love crickets, reptiles are probably at the top of the list. Bearded dragons, lizards and iguanas are all insectivores, which means they'll eat all types of live insects, including crickets. In order to provide the maximum nutrition, though, you'll need to make sure you "gutload" the crickets before feeding them to your pet reptile. Gutloading basically means fattening up your crickets with high-quality food -- That way they'll provide all necessary nutrition to your pet reptile.
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Kids are fascinated by reptiles, but not all reptiles make good pets for children. Understanding what reptiles need is the first step in choosing a good snake, turtle or lizard for a child's pet, and there are several types of reptiles that can be ideal for young pet owners.Before Buying a ReptileA child may love reptiles, but before opting for a reptilian pet, it is important to understand some basic characteristics of reptiles in order to choose an appropriate pet.Best Reptiles for KidsJust like any animal, some reptiles are more difficult to manage in captivity than others, and different care needs and personalities can make some reptiles more suitable as children's pets. The top types of reptiles that can be good pets for kids include…Buying a Pet ReptileNo matter what type of reptile you choose for a child's pet, there are some steps that can make it easier for kids to be responsible reptile owners.By taking the right steps to choose the best reptile for a child's pet and ensure they are ready for the responsibility of pet ownership, it can be easy to add a reptilian member to any family. Top 10 Most Popular Lizards as Pets - Part 2
Photo provided by FlickrJun 15, 2009 - Here is the rundown of the top 10 most popular lizards as pets
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The Ultimate Reptile Shop, located just outside of Houston, is the one stop shop for all of your reptiles needs. Reptile owners can count on finding everything they need to properly care for their pets in this establishment. This store boasts a wealth of knowledge and friendly service that won’t be found in larger, more commercialized stores. The “Mom & Pop” philosophy of The Ultimate Reptile Shop is what makes them unique and where those wanting to learn more about owning a reptile can be comfortable asking questions and gaining the knowledge needed.