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Owning your own business is a dream of many. Being able to combine your passion for parrots and the reality of having to work for a living together is a blessing. I love my job, I love my clients but, with that said, it is not always laughs and smiles. As an avian retailer and small business owner, I have my share of pet peeves — pun intended — and here are my top five.
1. Pet Store VS. Avian Vet
Not bringing your bird to the vet and looking for an over-the-counter remedy to help is my No.1 pet peeve. As a professional member of the Association of Avian Veterinarians, I am listed in their directory of members. I receive calls from those wanting to know what to do with their fluffed-up bird that has been sitting on the bottom of the cage for days. I have even had people call me out to their cars to show me injured or sick birds. I cannot stress enough the importance of having a working relationship with an avian veterinarian. While I do have access to what I refer to as medicinal over-the-counter products, I feel it is irresponsible for me to even attempt to diagnose a bird in lieu of seeking appropriate help they need for their companion animal.
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If you’re looking for bird-safe winter heat that will keep your pet bird warm but not cause your heating bill to skyrocket, you might try Avi-Tech’s Avi-Temp infrared heat panels, which attach directly to the cage for concentrated heat. The front surface reaches only about 150 degrees Fahrenheit, while the back remains near room temperature. Company literature recommends hanging a panel within 2 to 4 inches of the cage, on the same level as your bird’s preferred perching area. Cover the top and other sides of the cage for a cozy, nighttime nest. Heat panels can be used for weaning cages and on top of brooder containers as well. Top 10 Best Pet Birds.
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Have you ever wondered what kind of pet birds are best for you? Below is a list of the top 10 best pet birds that can provide every woman with wonderful companionship and entertainment.Share these Products with Your Feathered Friends
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Doctor Hess: So many, many different kinds of birds talk, but there are certainly species that talk better than others. Probably at the top of the list is the African Grey Parrot. We all remember Alex, a very famous African Grey who had a vocabulary of, I think of over 600 words. And other birds, too, Cockatoos can speak well, Amazons can speak well, even some of the smaller pets can speak well, like Budgies, or Parakeets. I actually knew one that spoke English, Spanish and Hebrew, it was pretty amazing coming from a little teeny bird. So really, it's just about teaching the birds to speak, and how do we do that?

Sarah: A lot of it is repetition. Walking by the bird everyday, saying the same thing to them everyday. Reinforcing it when you say it to them, making it a positive experience. Or even if they start trying to say it repeat it back to them, so that they are reminded of what they're trying to say. And maybe do one word, or phrase at a time. Don't try to teach them too much at once. They may get confused, and then jam a whole bunch of things together and you'll end up with just garble. But just repetition, repetition, repetition is the best way.

Q: Absolutely, I mean, many, many species of Parrots can talk, and I think it's a matter of persistence, being patient. Certainly talking is a great feature to have in a pet. I don't know of any other pets that can actually do that. Certainly birds are unique in that way. So if you want a pet that talks, a bird should be right for you.Although we cannot foresee every possible accident or problem that can occur with our pet birds, by knowing the top ten bird killers, you can avoid the most common dangers.There is an abundance of pet shops in Minnesota, but some don’t give two hoots about the birds. What businesses can bird lovers flock to? Don’t ruffle your feathers any longer. Here’s a bird’s eye view of the top pet shops throughout our state for bird owners.