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Here are some of the current options for keeping track of a pet's location before they become lost:
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I have seen a few of the pet accounts on my IG peddling the Trackr as a way to track lost pets and it really irritates me because they do not discuss the limitations of the system. If you live in a city or moderately populated area you MIGHT have better luck once the doggo or kitter leaves bluetooth range but if you live out in the burbs or a rural area you are 100% out of luck. I am fine with people using stuff like this to track their pets but they need to go into it knowing the limitations so they don't get a false sense of security.
The TrackR Bravo's size makes it ideal for adding it to your pet's collar.
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Dogs on our team have helped aid the police in tracking persons in connection with a crime. They also have successfully tracked lost pets with full recovery of the animal. Some of our dogs have been honored by the MD State Governor with Governors Citations. Click the link below to view the latest BGA Newsletter – “Off Track Pets”!
Photo provided by FlickrOr view an issue from one of our previous “Off Track Pets” newsletters…
Photo provided by FlickrScout personal GPS trackers for kids and pets are now shipping!
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Our goal is to reunite you with your pet as soon as possible. We will advise you on what steps to take and when. Dogs Finding Dogs offers more than just tracking teams. We can be instrumental in reuniting you with your pet using a variety of methods. We have assisted over 4000 pet owners in finding their lost pets since our inception in 2008. See our pages for stories from our clients. Cute Design and 3 color options make this very popular for the Fashionable Pets. It comes with Application Download for iOS and Android Being the lightest in weight the paw tracker is a clear choice for all cat owners. Stash it in your car or track anything its attached to. This device comes with a SIM card already activated so you won't have to change your cellular plan. (Except on Amazon and eBay)GPS Trackers are cutting edge technology that allows you to pinpoint your pets location in real time. You can see a history of locations reported by the device to see every place your pet went while you were away. Some of these GPS Trackers even give an alert when you pet leaves a pre-determined area (geo-fence). In order to transmit the GPS location from almost anywhere and anytime use of cellular data and towers are required. So the following would be classified as IoT and require a SIM card or cellular service of some kind.Big, small, young or old, our furry friends need exercise just like us! Poof Activity Trackers provide a seamless solution to monitor your best friend’s exercise. Compare your pet’s activity to others and make sure your pet is on the path to good health.Pawscout uses a low-energy radio signal called Bluetooth low-energy. The signal has a range of about 200 feet. If you are in that range, you can use the app to locate your pet and set a virtual leash that alerts you if the pet moves outside of that range. If you are not in range of your pet, when your pet walks by anybody who has installed the Pawscout app the pet's location will update on your map. If your pet ever goes missing and you mark the pet as lost, when the pet walks within range of somebody with the app both you and the person near the pet will be notified. To best protect your pet, ask friends, family members, neighbors and caretakers to install the Pawscout app. Tracking will not work unless your pet is within 200 feet of someone with the Pawscout app.And, some of you technologically advanced have employed GPS tracker, cell phone tracker, and collar trackers to keep an eye on their movements. But, you know them. They are kids and pets. They just take a second to vanish.