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PetSmart provides Dog Training, Dog Grooming and Cat Grooming services in Spring Hill, TN.
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Koda, Maggie and Aspen graduate from the PetSmart Puppy Training course. Each dog made great progress in the 8 week class. We all had fun, the dogs learned a lot, and the humans learned even more. Bud and his family were also part of our class but they were out of town for the graduation. I have to highly recommend these classes for any puppy and more importantly, for any puppy owner!
I would recommend searching and looking into other trainers rather than Petsmart I think you will get more out of it.
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We have checked out about 12 petsmarts and most of them knew very little (it's scary when Ive learned more on this site and youtube about training my pup that these "professionals" seem to know). For instance I asked it one trainer had ever worked with dogs that were to be trained as service dogs. She said that she hadnt worked with a puppy that was going to be training as a service dog but was confident that she could get us to the CGC standard since "you need it for public access" :X when I tried to nicely explain other wise she ignored me so I said no thanks. Another trainer had never worked with a handler who was in a wheel chair and said that my husband should be the primary handler ... that was a no. And another one said that there was zero difference between a handler in a chair vs one who isnt (which isnt true, some things are a little different in terms of training.... for instance heeling is scarier to a puppy who is next to rolling wheels vs feet and pulling or crossing in front of my chair could get her hurt). I do know petsmart has a satisfaction guarentee, if your not happy with the results at the end of class you can re-take it under a different trainer.
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You’ll begin your new life by joining the PetSmart team as a Bather. Once you have gained several months of experience handling all types of breeds by shampooing various breeds of our pet clients, you can apply to become a Groomer Trainee through the PetSmart Grooming Academy. Our stores are where the magic happens and we need strong leaders on the front line. The Store Leader in Training program prepares recent college graduates with the tools they need to become successful PetSmart leaders. In this program, you’ll rotate through various departments of our retail stores learning the operational skills you’ll need to run your own store efficiently. You will also build interpersonal and leadership skills that will give you the confidence to inspire and develop your associates. And you won’t be doing it alone; you’ll learn from experienced leaders and have a dedicated mentor to help you along the way. After four months in the program, you’ll be ready to assume the role of a PetSmart Leader.PetSmart is looking for passionate future leaders to jump start their career through our Store Leader in Training program. If you can see yourself leading and inspiring a store team for a Fortune 300 retailer – this is the opportunity for you!Puppies are adorable! The messes they make? Not so much! PetSmart has you covered with tips for puppy potty training. Our wonderful PetSmart trainer, Shannon, along with Aaron and Guppy from Lazyron Studios will be your puppy training guides! In this video you’ll learn:

- About products that will help your pup go in the right place
- Positive reinforcement techniques - get ready for a puppy potty party!
- How to get your pup to go outside when he needs to go

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