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Of course you'll need to provide your little guys with something to eat. Dumbos are omnivores, meaning they can eat a wide variety of foods. A pellet diet formulated for rats is a good baseline—don't feed seed mixes formulated for other rodents, as rats have a much higher protein requirement than other species. Your pets will also appreciate a variety of treats to round out their diet. They'll love apples, carrots, cooked chicken or cooked eggs. Offer these treats in moderation to prevent your pals from getting too chubby. And of course make sure fresh water is available at all times—rats also need more water than most rodent species.
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Rats love to eat. And they absolutely love it when you give them treats. Giving your rat treats for good behavior or for completing a trick is a great way to bond with your pet rats. My pet rats absolutely love Oxbow Organic Barley Biscuits. I break them into smaller pieces and use them for treats for training. Another treat I use for training is organic raw shelled sunflower seeds. Rat Munchies: Healthy Treats for Pet Rats | hubpages
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Pet store yogurt drops they love. They aren’t bad for them, just not in huge quantities.
No cheese – its not good for their bellies.
Most fruits are OK if they like them.
Egg is VERY good for them, and most rats love it. Raw egg can be VERY messy, so I usually nuked the egg in a microwave to cook it (a minute or two – not in shell! Break it into a container or bowl and cook it).
Chicken bones can be very good for them as well. They aren’t the issue they are for dogs, because the rats will chew and crunch them up. The marrow is good for them, and they will happily lick the grease and remaining meat from the bones as well. Just not too many – a few bones each is sufficient.
Rats in the wild are omnivores, and eat just about anything.
I usually would treat my rats with pieces of my breakfast cereal. A piece or two of Life cereal, cause that’s what I eat. Oatmeal is also good, and most like it. As with anything, don’t go overboard and don’t give them too much too often. Treat them a few times a day (I would do it in the morning before I left, when I got home, and once in the evening when they were playing).Many owners want to offer treats to their pet rats. A treat should be enjoyable to eat and should provide interaction between you and your rat. Fresh fruits and vegetables fed in limited quantities can be offered as treats. In order to prevent digestive upset, feed the same treats consistently, and avoid gas-forming vegetables such as broccoli or cauliflower.When treated with gentle care, domesticated rats are clean, docile, cuddly, and easily trained. In general, rats don't bite unless frightened. Their larger size makes them better pets for children than hamsters or mice.Rat treats don’t come in one specific form or type. There are a variety of different treats that your pet may enjoy. Rice cereal, dog biscuits, chicken bones, and cheese are all possible at-home treats. But if you’re looking for products that you can buy in a store, there are even more options. The products often include several ingredients that are great for your rat’s health. They also usually have flavors that most pet rats would find appealing.Occasional treats are totally safe and appropriate for pet rats as long as they don't exceed 10 percent of your pet's diet, the Michigan State University College of Veterinary Medicine says. Rats need rat pellet and mostly just that. Keep treat portions small; employ moderation at all times. Rats adore eating many "human food" items including cooked whole-wheat cooked pasta and whole-wheat bread, pizza crust, plain popcorn, chicken and egg. All of these items are fine in small portions for your rat.I had request to do a video on treats for pet ratties! So here ya go! This is all stuff that is (mostly) easy to get ahold of and very healthy for your little ratties. You can use all of these things or create mixes like I do. I will pick a few things up at a time and mix it together, but I'm always changing it up! I love to give my rats a variety of yummy treats to eat. I do hope you enjoyed the video and stop by again!

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