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Learn how to protect your pets from contaminated food and treats. iStockphoto
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The July 2017 issue of Petfood Industry covers the parallels between human health trends and pet food trends, which continue to grow as the focus expands to specific ingredients touting various health benefits for pets.
If your pet has become ill or died because of a tainted food or treats, please .
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Petco has not carried any dog or cat food from China for several years. The announcement Monday applies only to treats—in particularly ones made with jerky and rawhide, according to Lily Gluzberg, a spokesperson for the company. Petco is also expanding its offering of treats made in the United States. For the latest pet food and pet treat recalls, check out the  below, or .
Photo provided by FlickrPlenty of pet food companies continue to take up the challenge of profiting in the pet treat market.
Photo provided by FlickrTo learn how many calories are in your cat’s treats, you can contact the pet food manufacturer or check with your vet for recommendations.
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We saw a problem and built a solution! During a news report one evening we heard about recalled pet food products and harmful ingredients. After the news report we looked through our girls’ treats and found that some of them had been recalled! A few weeks later we visited PetsMart to buy more treats but the wall to wall selection was overwhelming. This is why we decided to build the Safe Pet Treats app. Now all we have to do is scan the barcode and instantly identify harmful pet food ingredients and products recalled by the FDA. Functional ingredients in pet foods are marketed as having in terms of general wellness or address specific health concerns such as digestion, joint and cartilage function, immune system strength or dental health. In a sense, all pet food is functional. For years there have been specialized pet food formulations by life stage, breed size and activity level, weight control, specific ingredient avoidance and other issues.Since 2011, 1,064 pet food recalls have been announced by the FDA. It is up to the manufacturer of the pet food product to contact every single retailer to have the product removed. Unfortunately, some of these products remain on the shelves of retail stores for days after the recall is announced. and read our blog entry on a recalled product we purchased 2 weeks after the recall was announced! Download the Safe Pet Treats app today and start identifying recalled pet food products instantly! It just might help save your pets life. With such a wide range of options for catering to the need for functional ingredients in pet foods, how is the industry taking advantage of such an opportunity? Companies are individualizing their efforts, playing to their strengths and choosing ingredients that will best contribute to a complex market. come in two different ways: 1) through ideas on how to improve our pets' health, and 2) from novel ingredients introduced through suppliers and manufacturers. These functional pet food types echo the targeted marketing of . Fueling this trend is America’s increasing attention to health issues, both human and pet, which ties in to an aging and often overweight population, again both human and pet.Salmonella outbreaks are not just linked to “people food”. Pet food and pet treats have been associated with outbreaks and illnesses in people and pets. For more information see Selected Reports for Salmonella Outbreaks Linked to Pet Food and Treats (below).