Painted turtles are popular pets for a few reasons.

 Snapping turtles do not make good pets due to their nasty disposition.
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There are several locales of box turtles. In many cases, the Eastern Box turtle will be found in the pet trade, but the North American and Asian box turtles are also popular. These species can be found in various parts of the United States, as well as Asia.
To protect your health, the earth and the animals, please don't get a turtle for a pet!
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Provided with suitable housing and diet, painted turtles are active and energetic pets. But as with any animal, illness and disease can affect them. Some indicators of health problems include: swollen or sunken eyes; listing or inability to submerge; gaping or frothing at the mouth, or bubbles in the nose; excessive basking or refusal to enter the water; inability or refusal to feed; asymmetrical or irregular growth; obvious discoloration or open wounds on the skin or shell; or any other abnormal appearance or behavior. If your painted turtle exhibits any of these problems, veterinary attention is recommended. Be sure to use a vet that specializes in turtles and tortoises, or at least reptiles and exotic animals. A list of reptile vets can be found here. Mud Turtles are a popular breed of turtles that are kept as pets.
Photo provided by FlickrI wish you and your future pet well, Russians are fascinating little tanks!!!
Photo provided by FlickrBut, anyway, thanks for the info. It was cool. I'm gonna make sure I'm extra careful about looking after my pet turtle!
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You appear to have JavaScript disabled. Although you should be able to use Petopia without JavaScript, you may be missing out on some of the snazzier features.There are so many options that choosing a pet turtle can be overwhelming. Each different type has its own unique requirements for food, shelter, water source, and even levels of heat and humidity.Turtles are fairly cheap compared to the average household pet that you would buy for your child. They are easy to care for and you can find them in most pet stores.These freshwater turtles were originally discovered in eastern and southern Africa. They make great pets because they are most active during the daytime, and are easily acquired since they are not on the endangered species list.They are harmless animals, if we're referring to the kind of turtle that you would purchase as a pet. You wouldn't want to bring home a snapping turtle to your family, but any found at your local pet store are great.They are slow crawlers, slow to mature, and can live up to 100 years in the wild, though they have much shorter lives in captivity. They can be difficult to keep as pets, as they require high humidity, warmth, suitable substrate for burrowing and access to ultraviolet light, yet they remain a popular choice.Even small turtles need plenty of living space. For aquatic turtles this means tanks. Buying a larger enclosure early will save you money. There are plenty of suitable alternatives to glass aquariums that will provide equally as much space (if not more) for a fraction of the price. The only sacrifice you make is the aesthetics of a glass aquarium. Believe it or not, solid and opaque walls are healthier for your turtles. Make sure you check out prices before purchasing that cute little turtle in the pet store. Just as important, make sure you have the room for a tank of the proper size. Enclosures for tortoises and terrestrial turtles can be less expensive than aquatic turtle habitats, however they do require a more hands-on approach. There are no great terrestrial habitats available commercially. A good terrestrial habitat can be made from things like bookshelves, or unused pieces of furniture that you remodel. Try googling a tortoise table!There are many species of turtles that are commonly kept as pets. With a proper set-up, a good diet, and a loving home, many turtles can live anywhere from 60-100 years! Unfortunately, many people get a turtle as a pet without understanding the full care requirements. This leads many people to give up their beloved pets. You may be surprised to know that Red-eared sliders, a very common pet turtle, are actually the most abandoned pet in the country.