Video of Canine Covers Universal Pet Barrier - Mesh - 30" x 18"

Detailed instructional video on how to install the Universal Tubular Pet Barrier in an SUV.
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Now you can take your pets to picnic or hiking trips without having to worry about the car upholstery being messed up. The easy-to-install universal pet barrier is a must-have for pet-lovers who love their cars as much.
65 in. x 45 in. Black Universal Pet Barrier
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Safely keeps your pet in the cargo area of your vehicle with the Universal Pet Barrier. Made of heavy-gauge tubing with modern styling that doesn't look like a cage. Fits all minivans and SUVs. Installs in minutes. Adjustable to 45" high and 65" wide. Extender, sold separately below, will add an extra set of bars to bottom of barrier. Use when you do not have a seat back or wish not to use seat back as part of barrier. Dailyselections: Universal Pet Barrier Mesh Car Adjustable Safety Blocker
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Aspen Pet Universal Wire Pet Barrier - Keep your dog safe when traveling with the Aspen Pet Universal Wire Pet Barrier . It’s perfect for giving your pet some freedom to move yet.We'll do the same for the other, leaving everything loose still. We'll go ahead and tighten it up when we're done. Once we have everything in place, we'll go ahead and start tightening up our straps, pulling on the one end here. Do the same for the bottom. All right, now we're ready to go. There you have it for the Canine Covers Universal Pet Barrier, part number DPB001BK..Today, we're going to be taking a look at the Canine Covers 30 by 18 Universal Pet Barrier, part number DPB001BK. The pet barrier is designed to keep your dog safe while you drive, keeping them in the backseat from hopping up in front and possibly causing a little bit of trouble while you're driving. The Canine Covers Pet Barrier is a universal fit for most cars, vans, and SUVs. It attaches both to the headrest here and to the seat frame at the bottom. It's a very easy install, with buckles to actually keep them in place and straps to tighten them up. Once you get home and you need to store it, it folds up nice and neat and can fit in your glove compartment. Now that we've shown you some of the features, let's show you how the Canine Pet Barrier actually installs. What we'll do is we'll take our buckles here, undo them. Do this for the bottom ones as well. We'll take one end, go underneath the seat headrest, reattach it.Walky Barrier Folding Universal Auto Pet Safety Barrier K9 Guard Pet Safety Barrier Fence -- See this great image : Dog Carriers and Travel ProductsK9 Keeper Universal Pet Safety Barrier - Keep you and your best friend safe. This universal, fully portable and completely adjustable pet safety containment system beats all conventional pet barriers in quality, functionality and style. It eliminates any possible assembly damage common with compressing pet barriers. Plus you won't have to drill any holes in your vehicle that are normally needed with permanent barriers. "Like" or "Pin" this and use discount code "Pin5" for 5% off.If the space where you want to put the Universal Pet Barrier, # 20045, is 45 inches or less tall and 65 inches or less wide, then it will fit your 2009 Ford Escape. If the Escape is taller than 45 inches, you will also need the Pet Barrier Extension, .