We answer if pet hair attachments for vacuums really work

pet hair vacuum and the Dyson Groom is the best vacuum attachment for pet hair removal.
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This is an excellent vacuum, that can be used as an upright, or you can detach the canister and the wand to carry it around, which is very useful for stairs. It comes with an attachment to deal with pet hair, and is a really solid vacuum in it’s own right, so it’s not like you’re buying something specifically for pet hair – you’re buying a vacuum that can easily handle household tasks.
or a vacuum with adequate suction and special attachments for pet hair.
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We answer if pet hair attachments for vacuums really work. Find out the answer in the video!

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Photo provided by FlickrShop for high-quality vacuum attachments. From cleaning up pet hair to touching up bare floors, vacuum attachments make it easy to create a cleaner space.
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The included accessory bag holds attachments for bare floor cleaning and dusting, but it is the NV752’s ‘pet specific’ attachments that are of particular interest. A handheld power brush unit loosens and cleans even the most ground-in dirt and pet hair. The unit also includes an attachment for removing pet hair from upholstery, furniture, and curtains. Few vacuums for dog hair provide so many cleaning tools for different situations and difficulty of the job.Like most pet vacuums, it comes with attachments that include brushes which are great to loosen pet hair from carpet and upholstery. You can also add the Miele STB Handheld Turbobrush, which is powered by the suction of the vacuum, making it a powerful tool ideal for small, hard to reach places. These attachments are critical for getting the pet fur and ground-in dander out of the carpet, and preventing allergy and asthma attacks. Using ones that have like the Miele STB is the best option, because they get almost every bit of hair and dander out of your home.You would be surprised at the amount of pet fur that will still be clinging to your carpet after a regular vacuum. It is insane, especially if the fur is the fine, silky type of fur often found on the sweetest of kitties. In order to really pick up this pet hair, you need to figure out what you are vacuuming up, how much suction is needed, and what type of attachments will work best for you.A removable handheld unit takes this high-performance vacuum anywhere you need to clean.
The attachment set makes this one of the best cordless vacuums for dog hair available. BISSELL optimizes the main vacuum brush rolls for better pet hair removal. The hand unit also includes a pet specific nozzle that makes short work of hair and debris. The vacuum lasts up to twenty minutes on a single charge and will recharge in under eight hours. The 1315 is a serious cleaning product for pet owners in a lightweight, cordless form factor.The checklist for a great vacuum includes excellent suction power, attachments with brushes and rotating heads, and maneuverability. Pet hair can collect in the corners of your home and, if your vacuum has limited rotation or capabilities to get into the corners and under furniture, there is no point in purchasing that brand. It may cost you a little extra, but having a top of the line pet vacuum is worth its weight in gold.So much business in fact that we cleaned our entire carpet in just under 15 minutes without a single speck of dust, hair, or debris left anywhere. No joke! Although they make many attachments for shop vacs, we've never seen a need to purchase them. Usually our shop vac gets used when we're picking up large debris or water from some sort of plumbing backup. If you're in the same boat we are, try using your regular old household attachments next time you've got a tough job to do. It will give you all the convenience of a standard household vacuum with the extra sucking power of a shop vac, it's really the best of both worlds!