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The Virginia Beach SPCA strives to find permanent homes for every adoptable animal in our care.
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Look at all the amazing loving dogs at the Virginia Beach Animal Care and Adoption Center! The dogs in this video are waiting patiently to find their special person or family and their forever home. If you're ready to make a lifelong commitment to a wonderful dog and are able to add an addition to your family, then stop by today and meet some of the loving dogs highlighted in this video. They are waiting there for you to adopt them and take them to their forever home. If you take the time to visit the shelter, you'll find that there is a dog for every family. We just ask that you adopt only if you are willing to make a commitment for the rest of the dog's life. The shelter is located at 341 S. Birdneck Road, Virginia Beach, VA 23451.
The Friends of Virginia Beach Animal Care & Adoption Center (Friends) is the volunteer group for the city’s municipal animal shelter.
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Welcome to the site for information on adopting Virginia Beach city shelter animals, volunteering and more! We have so much going on - and so many wonderful animals hoping for good homes - please take some time to explore the website and learn more about our new animal shelter and all of the opportunities for helping homeless pets. Located at 341 South Birdneck Road in Virginia Beach, the Animal Care and Adoption Center has many wonderful animals waiting for a good home.
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Photo provided by FlickrThe Virginia Beach SPCA strives to find permanent homes for every adoptable animal in our care
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VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. – The Virginia Beach Animal Care and Adoption Center is offering low cost rabies vaccines on February 21 from 9 a.m. to noon.My name is Jessica Wilde, I am one of the center’s Shelter Operations Supervisors. I was born and raised in Virginia Beach and have been a member of the center’s team since 2012. My work’s passion is assisting with rescue organizations, managing our shelter's foster program, matching animals with adoptive parents, and reuniting lost animals with their families. All dogs and cats adopted from the Virginia Beach Animal Care and Adoption Center will be sterilized prior to the adopter taking the animal home. The Virginia Beach Animal Care & Adoption Center handles approximately 7000 animals annually. Many of the animals that arrive are strays with no health or behavior history.
For this reason, the Virginia Beach Animal Care & Adoption Center, the Virginia Beach Police Department or the City of Virginia Beach cannot offer any form of guarantee as to the health or temperament of the animal being adopted. We will make every reasonable effort to ascertain the overall health and behavior of the animals we have available for adoption to the public, however the ultimate responsibility for choosing the right pet lies with the pet adopter.
If you adopt an animal from our shelter and if for any reason the pet is not suitable, simply return it to our shelter.Hopes run high that Hampton Roads residents in PETA’s own backyard will open their hearts and homes to help. PETA has teamed up with Chesapeake Humane Society, Chesapeake Animal Services, Chowan-Gates Animal Shelter, Danville Area Humane Society, Norfolk Animal Care and Adoption Center, and Virginia Beach SPCA to take the animals in for adoption and foster care. The Virginia Beach SPCA participates with organizations that offer discounted adoption rates to specific individuals looking to adopt a shelter pet.