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Easily cut your pets hair at home, with Wahl's Pet-Pro, Complete Pet Clipper Kit
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Enjoy a more sophisticated technology with the Lithium Ion battery powered Wahl Pro Ion Clipper. The Pro Ion rechargeable animal clipper has new innovative lithium ion battery technology that provides optimal performance and up to 2 hours of runtime that will operate at full speed until depleted. With the extra powerful rotary motor it is easy to clip and trim fine to thick coats at up to 6,000 strokes per minute. The ergonomic design provides ease of use and the comfort required when grooming your pet. The Pro Ion clipper is home grooming made easy for pet parents who want to save time and have a professional finished clip. The new Pro Ion continues to deliver power and amazing cutting ability with a high performance blade that easily adjusts to sizes #30-#15-#10 with the simple flip of the lever for quick and efficient cutting. With the finest blades in the industry you will complete your clipping jobs faster, more smoothly and with fewer blades. All Wahl blades go through a quality process that guarantees long lasting durability, effective sharpness and efficient ease in cutting ability. We have developed a superior tooth geometry that provides excellent feeding of the coat, yet protects your animal from cutting or jabbing. Grooming Kit includes:Powerful, rechargeable clipper Storage case Grooming and styling DVD Stainless steel scissors Pet styling comb 7 attachment guide combs Blade guard Cleaning brush Clipper oil Instruction booklet
Give your dog a blue ribbon look with the Wahl Pet-Pro Complete Pet Clipper Kit, a popular brand with professionals. It helps you
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Easily cut your pets hair at home, with Wahl’s Pet-Pro, Complete Pet Clipper Kit.

This 13-piece kit includes: 4 Color Coded Guide Combs, Grooming Accessories, AND a super easy “How To” DVD that contains step-by-step instructions on how to cut your pets hair like the pros.

The Pet-Pro Clipper contains Wahl’s signature snag free self-sharpening precision blades, an adjustable taper lever for extra customization of cutting lengths, and a POWERDRIVE® super duty motor that can cut the thickest coats.

To learn more about the performance of this pet clipper and other Wahl Pet Clippers, check out the Clipper Performance Chart on the back of every Wahl Pet Clipper Package.

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Wahl. The brand used by professionals since 1919. Product - Wahl Pet-Pro, Complete Pet Clipper Kit
Photo provided by FlickrWahl Pet-Pro, Complete Pet Clipper Kit
Photo provided by FlickrBest Seller Wahl Pet-Pro, Complete Pet Clipper Kit.
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####Wahl Pro-Series Complete Pet Clipper Kit * Home pet-grooming made easy* Cord or cordless operation* Self-sharpening, high-carbon blades* PowerDrive cutting system cuts thick hair* Includes instructional DVDDog Grooming Clippers

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