Installing a pet door in a brick wall is possible.

 You can also install a pet door in wood, stucco, or even brick walls with .
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– The PlexiDor Wall Series and Door Series pet doors are available in four sizes: Small (SM), Medium (MD), Large (LG) and Extra Large (XL). We have a size to fit your breed. Refer to the PlexiDor for more information.
PetSafe Large Wall Entry Aluminum Pet Door
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Framing out refers to using additional pieces of wood to install screws when installing the pet door into a wall or door panel. It's a useful technique when replacing an old pet door with a slightly smaller door. Our research told us that the Edura FlapWall Mounted Pet Door was the better quality door to install and best for our needs.
Photo provided by FlickrOur Ideal Pet Products Ruff-Weather Through-the-Wall pet door is designed thick and is energy efficient.
Photo provided by FlickrThe pet door flaps are clear (contrasting between the wall and the door) and allowing light to pass through and the pet to see through as well.
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Wall model cat and dog door manufacturers have a wide range of materials that make up their pet doors. Below, I'll review which materials last longer, are easier and safer for your pet, and give superior results.Keep in mind, if you want your pet door installed under an obstruction like a window sill, you need a special wall model with a side load, instead of top load, security cover.Security is a major factor in choosing a wall model pet door. Higher quality doors offer security covers that mount on the inner frame. The best security covers are made of Lexan® polycarbonate or Starboard® marine grade polymer. These materials are strong, attractive and virtually indestructible. Starboard® even has color that goes all the way through so scratches don't show.Pet door tunnel materials vary by manufacturer. Telescoping tunnels are easy to install, but can allow water to enter the wall. The best pet door tunnel design is a one-piece .040" aluminum tunnel riveted to the interior frame. It will be custom fit to your wall during your dog door installation. Carpet should cover the bottom and sides of the tunnel for a slip free, safe surface.Wall model cat and dog doors have both inner and outer frames. A strong frame is essential to secure both the flaps and the security cover. Plastic frames are cheaper, but lack the strength and longevity of metal. Heavy extruded aluminum at least .063" thick makes the longest lasting pet doors.MaxSeal pet Doors are designed to be the ultimate pet door. Superior sealing and insulating performance along with the ability to maintain the door's peak performance forever, make this the last pet do you will need to purchase.

The MaxSeal® Pet Door line of wall mounted pet doors are available in dual or single flap models. The dual flap door will give a perfect seal to the outside for customers in hot and cold environments. These doors insulate so well they will pay for themselves in energy savings.

We proudly offer a Limited Lifetime Warranty on all MaxSeal® Pet Doors.The best wall pet door warranty I've seen is 5 years and covers all parts including a pro-ration on dog door flaps. Some manufacturers have a longer warranty, but don't cover the part that is most apt to wear, the flaps. A high quality wall pet door should give years of trouble free service.If you are looking for a wall installed doggie door with excellent insulation and energy efficiency, we recommend Endura wall mount dog doors made by our friends at Patio Pacific and available here at High Tech Pet at the best price anywhere. The Ideal Ruff Weather dog door with dual flap design are also a good wall install pet door option. These are well constructed pet doors that are safe, secure and well insulated and designed for through wall installation.