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Went to Walter's World of Pets this weekend and this monkey looked to have an itch.
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Photo provided by Flickr"They have a sloth exhibit at Walters world of pets" Lubbock, Tx everyone..
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Walter's World of Pets offers a unique variety of special and exotic pets, complimented by exceptional knowledge about our animals, and friendly, caring service from our staff.After many successful years in its original location, Walter's World of Pets moved to larger quarters (to the present store location), which allowed space for more animals, supplies, and the new exciting feature known as . Continuing the spirit of sharing a love for the animals of the world (and furthering the concept of Walter's original exhibit), The Jungle is unique to Walter's World and offers visitors a glimpse at some amazing creatures.Walter's World of Pets is the brainchild—and passion—of the business's founder, Ryan Blakley. Ryan's life-long fascination with animals brought the realization that animals were indeed his passion, and he established Walter's World of Pets in 1997. We love birds at Walter's World of Pets, and parrots often lead the pack in colors, sizes and all the great qualities that make them such favorite pets.Walter's World of Pets owes many thanks to the West Texas community for supporting us and making our "crazy collection of characters" successful, and a favorite among animal shops. As we proceed into the future, imagination is the only limit, and we will always make Walter's World of Pets full of continual surprises!Walter's World of Pets has provided a large number of educational talks and presentations, in a variety of settings. We have been called upon to present about specific animals as well as more generalized information (about pets and animals, animal welfare and related environmental issues). We enjoy these opportunities immensely.We know these may not be the pets for everyone, but for those who appreciate their very special qualities, Walter's World has some of the best. In addition to the creatures mentioned below, we feature other types from time to time (see "Mystery Guests!").Walters world of pets is great. I bought my snake there 3yrs ago and he is amazing. I have never had a problem with him or the store. I go in all the time to buy bedding, food, new tanks, look for more pets etc. and their mini Zoo is awesome. The workers always greet you when you walk in and do every they can to help you find what you are looking for. For the person who bought fish stuff, I'm sorry to hear what happened, but this other person is right, the mostly tell you to go to Mr. Aquarium down the street. As for the person who got lice or mites. Lice & mites usually dome from bad care taking not the store. there is a chance to get mite eggs in some bedding but that hardly ever happens. But I would say this store is great, I would recommend it to anyone looking for some exotic.