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Use Barkertime Diaper Suspender to make diapers stay on your dog or cat and maximize use of the diapers. The suspenders are made with high quality and lightweight suspender clips that grip the diaper safely and securely. The suspender strap is fully adjustable for a secure and customized fit. Machine washable. These diaper suspenders are a great choice if your pet is not used to wearing diapers.
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Some pet parents prefer to use a washable dog diaper instead of the disposable kind. This type of diaper looks more like an under garment than a diaper and it comes in lots of cute colors and patterns. A disposable garment pad is placed on the inside of the diaper and needs to be thrown away after each use. Garment pads are placed at strategically different angles for male and female dogs. Washable diapers range in price from $15 – $30. Ondoing Dog Underwear Physiological Menstrual Washable Cotton Diapers Pet Wrap Band Nursing Durable Puppy Trousers Pants 60%OFF
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For extra protection, a panty liner cut in half can be placed inside with the sticky side down and it's easily replaced. Also, since cats will scratch at the diaper in the beginning, there is a product called Sta-on Pet Diaper Harness that is about $13. It's washable and also works with baby diapers if you adapt those by cutting a hole for the tail. Most people may not even know that dog diapers actually exist! Additionally, these diapers can be used for aging dogs, dogs with mental disabilities or incontinence problems. Also, diapers are often utilized when pet owners know that will be away from the house for an extended time period. Like baby or adult diapers, dog diapers come in single use disposable form and in washable fabrics.Does your dog pee in the house or have marking issues? Is your female dog in heat? With our diapers and belly bands, you will be able to protect your furniture and have your dog in the house again. Made with the highest quality material, ® dog diapers and belly bands are washable, reusable, super absorbent and leak proof. More importantly, they stay on, so you can let your pet roam freely in the house without accidents!Pet diapers provide protection against incontinence, leaks, and accidents. You’ll want to find a leakproof solution that absorbs wetness and fits your dog comfortably. You can choose from either disposable or washable and reusable pet diapers.X-Small - 4 to 8 lbs.
Waist Measurement 9" to 14"

Simple Solution Diaper Garments are the perfect answer for pets experiencing excitable urination, pets with incontinence, female pets in season and puppies not yet quite housebroken. Each garment is lined with a soft plaid flannel fabric for comfort as well as an absorbent mesh liner for protection from leakage. For light seasonal flow or minor excitable urination the garments may be used alone. For heavy seasonal flow or more serious cases or urination, simply attach a Simple Solution Diaper Garment Pad to product's built-in mesh liner. Machine washable on gentle cycle. Hang to dry.The dog diapers featured on our website are designed for male or female dogs that are incontinent, or for pets that experience excitable urination. These dog diapers are also great for housebreaking puppies, or for female dogs in heat. We carry disposable doggie diapers as well as washable dog diapers. All diapers are in-stock and ready to ship within 24 hours.