Opinions, or experience on the Woody Pets "pellet" bedding?

Woody Pet Professional Animal Bedding is not only the preferred horse stall
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After seeing a photo of a Wonderful puppy pen, with handsome pellets for footing, and reading the breeder's strongly flattering review of the footing, I bedded my puppy play pen in Woody Pet.
it this way; if you own animals, Woody Pet Professional Animal Bedding will
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IMO the pelleted bedding works great on stalls with mats. They absorb wonderfully, and I only use about 1 bag at a time for a 12x16 stall. I would prefer to use woody pet, but the price has become prohibitive, so now I use equine fresh. I will never again use the southern states brand...the pellets are too big, and I have slipped on them twice. Another friend of mine has also slipped and fallen on the bigger southern states pellets....plus they don't sift through as easily as the smaller woody pet or equine fresh. There are many horse stall benefits with the use of Woody Pet Bedding, such
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Photo provided by Flickris not necessary to strip Woody Pet Bedded stalls every one or two weeks as
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WOODY PET PROFESSIONAL ANIMAL BEDDING instantly expands from the granulated form it comes in to three times the volume of fluffy bedding, as it absorbs urine, or if you sprinkle water on it.Purchase: I was first introduced to Woody Pet Professional Pet Bedding from one our stall boarders. We saw what a difference it made in her horses' stalls. We use sand in our stalls; however some of our horses still make mud holes in their stalls, especially when they have to spend long periods of time in them. We tried traditional shavings but there is so much waste. Woody Pet really improved the quality of our stalls for our horses. And saved us money. Now all of boarders use this prioduct. You can use Woody Pet alone or you can mix it with shavings. i prefer to use it alone. Woody Pet can be found at your local Tractor supply store. It costs around $5.00 depending where you purchase it.I use Equine fresh and its good for pee spots, but very dusty if you dont keep it wet down. I now mix it with some pine shavings that is sold at the hen yard and it has helped the dust alot. My bedding lasts a long time with the equine fresh, which is the same as woody pet. I also have a stall skin underneath which is wonderful. Pee goes right through.First, Woody Pet does NOT contain ANY type of corn. The product contains ONLY Lodge Pole Pine & Spruce. If a horse had a reaction to corn it wasn't from Woody Pet. Other pelleted bedding products do use fillers, Woody Pet does not! Other pelleted AND shaving manufacturers also may vary the type of wood they use to make there products. If the package simply lists "pine" you need to ask questions. There are MANY different types of pine, some of which can be highly allergenic to people & horses. That is why some horses who have pine allergies can use Woody Pet with no allergy reaction.Woody Pet Pelleted Pet Bedding instantly expands from the granulated form it comes in to three times the volume of Fluffy Sawdust Bedding as it absorbs urine, or if you sprinkle hot water on it.Litter
In the litter pan you can use many products. Carefresh is excellent. Pelleted wood products such as FireMaster wood stove pellets, Woody Pet, Mountain Cat, Feline Pine and Horse Stall Bedding brands are very absorbent and control odour very well. Pelleted paper such as Yesterday’s News absorb well. Wood shavings (spruce or aspen) absorb but get soggy and do not control odour well. Corn cob is not very absorbent or odour controlling. Corn cob also has the drawback of being tasty to some rabbits. Watch your rabbit to make sure he does not eat any of the above litters you may choose to use. Hay can be sprinkled over the top of any litter to encourage use. Shredded newspaper and/or hay or straw can always be used.