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I spilled a carton of juice on the carpet and furniture in my rental apartment, so I was in a desperate hurry to get a good carpet and upholstery cleaner when I came across Woolite Oxy Deep spot and stain carpet and upholstery cleaner spray.

The label said that this product is oxygen activated so I decided to buy it because I had good experiences with oxygen activated products in the past.

It was a little more expensive than some of the other brands and twice the price of the generic but I knew I could trust the Woolite brand and I needed a quality product to remove the stains quickly.

I sprayed the product on the and let it set for five minutes as the directions said to do.

Then I gently rubbed with a cloth and noticed the stains immediately lifting from the upholstery.

Woolite OxyDeep removed all traces of the juice stains from the furniture and almost all traces from the carpet.

It also left behind little to no smell which I appreciated because I am not a fan of chemical smells. I would definitely recommend this product.

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Woolite Oxy Deep spot and stain carpet cleaner has perfromed some miracles in our house. With a sick cat vomiting all over the place, I had a light colored carpet wiht several dark stains on it, that my previous cleaner only seemed to spread out. The woolite oxy cleaner was one of several that I tried in an effort to avoid haing to getnew carpet, or several throw rugs to cover up the stains, and thankfully it did the trick. As I sprayed it on, I could see the darker stain leaving the carpet. You let it sit for 5 minutes and then blot up any remaining liquid. No scrubbing. A couple of the stains needed to be treated twice, but everything came out by the second time. This is now a staple in my closet. Woolite Oxy Deep Carpet Stain Remover Cleaner Reviews Uses -> Source.
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Woolite Heavy Traffic Carpet, Rug and Upholstery Cleaner– This is Woolite’s product for cleaning highly trafficked areas of your home. It cleans your upholstery and gives it a nice smell too. It has the ability to deep clean stains, get rid of odor and repel stains. This is a multipurpose product that will do wonders to keep your home clean and smelling fresh. It has great reviews on the net.First I used [Woolite Oxy Deep Spot and Stain Carpet Cleaner][1] and the smell was removed along with the stain. After the spot had dried I came back to a new dark brown stain (my carpet is a light brown) and almost looked like a shadow unless the lights are on and you clearly see that it is a stain. With our carpets only being a few months old, I rented a rug doctor and purchased the rug doctor's oxy-steam carpet cleaner a few days later in an attempt to remove the previously mentioned stain and clean the remaining carpet.Do you have a cleaning or stain removal supply review to share? Have you used a Woolite carpet cleaning product that has worked well for you, or not lived up to expectations?

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